Indus Motors will launch Etios Valco hatchback in Pakistan

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Indus Motors didn’t make the best of decisions when it chose to launch Fortuner instead of a much needed small hatchback since Cuore went out of production. Fortuner sales dropped from 580 units to just 120 in a duration of couple of months due to various factors however, as we said before that our sources confirmed that Etios was the car Indus was testing to introduce to Pakistan, and now, new sources at Pakwheels’ forums have emerged with slightly more details and pictures.

It’s also about time Indus Motors to step back into the small hatchback market which is currently dominated by Swift and the Toyota Vitz which is being imported.

Toyota ETIOS  Valco comes with a 1.2 liter 16 Valve DOHC engine  which produces 79 hp and 77 lbs of torque. All this power is transferred through a 5 speed manual gearbox at a rather good fuel efficiency of 18.31 kmpl whereas the tank can hold 45 litres of fuel.

Toyota ETIOS Liva has additional features such as Dual air bag, Steering Audio controls, Impressive Audio system, Navigation system, power windows, etc etc. All the things that can put it in the same league as Suzuki Swift.

The initial 100 CBU (Completely Built Units) will be imported and from next year and then it will be manufactured in Pakistan. At this time it is unclear where Indus Toyota will source CKD (Completely Knocked Down) units, our best guess is Indonesia since we do not have the right trade agreement with India to allow us to import CKD units from there.


As we’ve said before, the Etios was the first hatchback designed by Toyota India with technical input by Toyota Japan (or something along those lines) but since Toyota itself lacks good small hacthbacks for similar markets, it introduced the Etios to various countries including Indonesia and now Pakistan.

The model in Indonesia is about to go out of production and Indus Motors will presumably procure the dyes from there as it will be cheaper rather then getting dyes made for newer models.

So like the Suzuki Swift, the model we’re getting is going through a change worldwide, furthermore ETIOS was launched in Indian market to compete with Swift & Hyundai I20 but after initial hype it failed to sustain and fell down to low levels at number 5 in its segment, as in Pakistan things are totally different and, with next to no options in hatchbacks and Toyota having more brand value, it is going to sell.


Even though the expected price of the Etios Valco is going to be more then the price of Suzuki Swift, which is a great car and praised by Europeans to Asians, although it is priced at around 1,300,000 rupees which is more then its perceived value.

The same Etios is also available in India as Etios Liva.

These are the images of the Indonesian production version of the Etios Valco:



2013-Toyota-Etios-Valco-Interior-Photos-1024x575 2013-Toyota-Etios-Valco-Interior-Pictures-1024x575 2013-Toyota-Etios-Valco-Interior-Images-1024x575 2013-Toyota-Etios-Valco-Interior-Features-Photos-1024x575

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  1. Agha Mohsin says

    hmmm, seems to be good car but again price is on a higher side .. when will we will able to buy another make instead of Mehran in 0.6 million budget or even in 8.5 lakhs…:(

  2. Muhammad Hamza Shahid says

    dont be happy with those air bags and sterring controls etc, they wont be in it in local version 😛 toyota is now better known for "exploiting consumers"

  3. Saqib Jamal says


  4. Dejavu Khan says

    JO CHESE POORI DUNIA ME BANUNA BAND HOJATI HAI uski dye Pakistan me dump kardetay hain or ahmarai awam pagaloon ki tara khareeedti reshti hai ……….its not worth more than 8 lakhs. 13 lakhs for this crap no

  5. Fazal E Elahi says

    failed design…. designed by indians… looks ugly.

  6. Haris Khan says

    looks fugly….
    1- front chiselled bumper giving the car extremely riced look…
    2- Interior with center ducts…yuck…
    3- 1.2 litre with 79 bhp with 77 ft/lb torque but still more expensive than the competitor which have 1.3 litre 91 bhp 86 ft/lb torque…
    4- I cant find the steering controls in the pics nor the navigationl, how the author claiming the steering controls will be present especially when they are not present in even top end corolla 😛 even if they will offer navigation, the chinese nav is of no use.

  7. Basim Ansari says


  8. Azam Ijaz says

    Good option… 18 KM/L Nice

  9. Nydal Al Sheykh says

    yet still swift will be better from this indian made crap…

  10. Munim Hussain says

    When the conversion rate of dollar to rupee will Rs.60 again.

  11. Agha Mohsin says

    You mean to say we will never have sound car in this category .lmao . i am sure in coming months Mehran will touch 0.8 million price tag …:-(

  12. Nazea Jamal says


  13. Hassan Tahir Khan says

    just front is attractive otherwise its pathetic

  14. Asif Farooq says

    Bilkul ab iska rate ye 1.3M rakhain gy or awan status symbol ki tarah isko purchase karegi

  15. Ashfaq Bhatti says

    Earlier, it was said that these companies will gradually switch from importing car and its to 100% manufacturing in Pakistan, thus boosting our economy. However, since the stake holders are happy reaping the fortunes by imports and no body in the corrupt government sector bothers, so why bother? Even the "patriot (Hahahaha)" political parties are quite on it.

  16. Mahboob Ahmed says

    You already have Vitz, in the market that has been robbing people, and now this to fleece people

  17. Tehmina Ahmedani says

    Asal mai, hum khud bewakof hen, imprted used hum le rahen hen itni mehengi maslan alto japani 8 se 9 lac used. to ye new kia 5 me denge nahi nahi, toyota kia thi kuch nahi hum axio le rahe hen to ye hum ko 11 me dedenge toyota, nahi nahi, hum ne khud hi buy ker ke in ki value up ki hai to ab kia rona

  18. Shah Faisal says

    Yaar khuda ka naam lo 1300000 ……………………….
    Design launch krne waley

  19. Chotay Sarkar says

    even hyundai i20 is lot more better then this $13k corolla,

  20. Muhammad Jahanzaib Minhas says

    Asif Farooq yr jahan log recondition vitz 12 lac ki khareed rahe hain whan ye b 13 ki ly lay gay…

  21. Khalid Malhi says

    Why don't the government functionaries stop this nonsense of getting discarded dyes from any where in the world .They want to introduce new car they should have futuristic designs and dyes not indian made flop ideas.What is wrong with Indus motors are they just rottening or part of mafia which squeezes the poor people with the help of bureaucracy. Well time is changing fast bureaucracy and their cronies will have to suffer.Already the toyota plastic ware is degraded looks like we are sitting in a local ching chai interior. U can find better material in chin chi rickshaw.

  22. Abdul Wakil says

    Why are they trying a failed design !!!?? And one thing I have to share is that in uk there are taxes up to sky but still good cars in cheaper prices and u can find every country's make and brands, but in pakistan the taxes are paid and taken from public in all ways but nothing cheaper and no services offered like roads and road safety and still no cruise and airbags in card we pay almost 20000 pound for which we can purchase a Mercedes or BMW in UK. !!! So why are we paying taxes and getting nothing of facilities in reply??!! Also the government says the are increasing the fuel prices due to international oil hike and down? So what I say is that in other parts of world if it is linked to intl market rate then it has to be changed daily increased or di creased so why is this happening to us that the increase comes 10 rupeese and di crease comes 0.20 paisas only.

  23. Hassy Ameer says

    Agreeed !

  24. Hassy Ameer says

    who's going to spend 13 Lkh in this shitty design ? YYYAAKKKKK

  25. Waseem Sarfraz says

    Passo and Vitz are much better options in this budget. Each and every thing is there which you can expect in highest version of best Pakistani manufactured cars. But again it's little time taking and fatigue demanding job to find a good 4 grade car in the cheater market or you can obviously import on your own by doing little research. I have recently bought a passo hana plus 2010 in which 6 people can easily be accommodated for metro ride. It had climate control ac, cvt transmission, retractable side mirrors, full front and back seats, eps, back camera, rear screen wipers, HID projector lights, etc.

  26. Waseem Sarfraz says

    Abay Tarar tu?

  27. Jehanzeb Ahmad says

    The problem is not with Toyota, but with the Government, that is protecting Toyota, honda and suzuki. The business will always exploit if it can. The Government needs to change the policies and allow 5 year old imports.

  28. Waqar Amjad says

    we pakistanis are at the mercy of our nonsence govts.people r forced to buy just three brands again and again with unrealistic suggestion to gov is to stop production of all kinds of vehichels and find some cheap markets having better brands for import of vehichels.

  29. Muhammad Akbar Khan says

    I don't know that when some one has budget of 1,2 m or more then why they still go for Pakistani assembled cars??? whereas in the same price much better cars from Japan are available in the open market which are thousand times giving better performance in all respect. These Pakistani venders with foreign embalms are just looting us with the support of Pakistani govt. So please get rid of Pakistani cars as protest until its comes to its real worth…

  30. Emraan Syed says


  31. Imran Muhammad Qureshi says

    It's a same design as like the new Vitz

  32. Nadeem Aslam Janjua says

    Khuda k liye humri jaan chor do Honda, Toyota & Suzuki walo ap b hakomet ki trha humra khoon choste ho kisi or company ko humre mulk mein ane do in 3no ki monopoly hai her saal 50000 se le kr 150000 tek price barhate rehyn or hum pakistani awam ullo bante rehte hyn is ghari ki price maximum 700000 hai

  33. Mudassar Sheikh says

    this is crap,no variety in vehicles n trash is always being thrown in Pakistan from past few years, and to hell with this Japan assembled dinkes !!!

  34. Farrukh Sear says

    Indus motor kuch bhe kar lay, imported cars ka standard kabhe bhe Pakistan mai offer ya maintain nahen ho skta….Govt has no control to ask and implement the best known international standards for vehicles manufactured in Pakistan….our public should make their sense while selecting a vehicle…

  35. Muhammad Zurgham says

    Imran Muhammad Qureshii dont mean to be rude but its completly different.The new vitz is one of toyotas best designes it doesnt look like this crap

  36. Umer Saqib Riaz says

    I agree 200 %. I feel sorry that you lost you vitz during flood, I remember.

  37. Zahid Khan says

    It will be very nice if some European automobile companies like wolkswegen, Renult etc come to pakistan to compete with those 3 Japanese companies whose standard in pakistani assembling plants is not up to the mark .
    and please stop the Chinese 3rd class automobile companies because they make every thing disposable.

  38. Farhan says

    It will be priced around 13.5 lacs and 14 lacs if the specs match Swift with dual airbags.
    Mark my words unless pak Rupees appreciates against Dollar and Yen

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