New Honda Civic Will Be Here In 2022. Yes/No/Maybe?

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In April 2021, the new Honda Civic 2022 was launched in the international market. The sedan has a new exterior, updated interior and a number of new safety features. Since its global launch, Pakistani consumers have been wondering when we will get the new sedan. If we see the history of the Honda Civic launch in Pakistan, we will observe that Pakistan gets the new generation with a gap of almost a year after the international launch. So, one can say that the new Civic will arrive in the local market in 2022, but the real question is, when?

What do Our Sources say on Honda Civic Launch? 

As per our sources, Atlas Honda Pakistan is all-ready to launch the new Honda Civic in April 2022. So, it means Pakistan will have the car after 7 months. So, great news for the Civic lovers. And if we talk about the price, the sources claimed that Honda Pakistan will launch the car in the price range of Rs52-lacs to Rs55-lacs. If it is true, then we think the price is a bit high because a lot of people went for KIA Sportage and Hyundai Tucson because of the cost. So, this price tag will surely affect the sales; however, the specs and features in the new sedan will be the main deciding factor for the consumers. Hence, all the best to Atlas Honda. 

But is this Possible? 

Our other sources and experts have a different say about the potential April 2022 launch of the new Honda Civic. As per them, Atlas Honda doesn’t have the technology to assemble/manufacture the new Civic. And this is because the Honda International is manufacturing the new Civic with a new technology called Brazing. 

Here is a brief explanation of this new technology:

Brazing and new Honda Civic

In the case of the aluminum roofs in cars, it is not welded; rather BRAZED. The roof panels and side panels are filled with binding/ filler material and thus eliminate the ditch and result in a much smoother surface and transitions. Unlike welding, where the base materials are heated and joined, in Brazing, the manufacturer does not heat panels, resulting in a much better fit and finish.

Unlike spot welding, Brazing also joins the two panels in continuity, which provides better seam, rigidity and protection against dampness/ moisture. The use of brazing technology also helps in reduced work of finishing before the vehicle goes for paint. The process is faster and also eliminates the plastic moulding part from the supply chain.

A very sophisticated laser-guided multi-axis robots do this whole work, and it’s not a MANUAL procedure. A very thin filler material in the shape of a wire around 1 to 3 millimeters thick passes through the robot, and a laser beam melts it on the tip and fills the gap between the two panels. The joining material solidifies and results in a smooth joint. After the brazing procedure, another robot verifies the quality of joint work with the help of scanning.

So, you might not have noticed the elimination of “GOLA/ PATTI” on this upcoming 11th gen Civic, and to us, it might be a simple thing, but in reality, there are very high tech robots at work behind the scene, making sure a much sleeker, seamless roofline comes out.

This should also give you an idea that a model change is not that easy. We hope Atlas Honda starts working/investing in this new assembly line requirement for the 11th generation Civic to see the replacement Civic well on time.

Here is a video for further understanding:

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