Extension of Islamabad Metro Bus Service to be completed by March 2018

It is for the fourth time that the extension of Islamabad New Airport Metro bus project has been delayed. And now people of twin cities have to wait for three more months to use the service. With this new extension, the locals will travel from Peshawar Morr (پشاور موڑ) to the new airport without any hassle. The new date for the completion of the 25.6 long kilometers route is March 2018. Furthermore, the project has also undergone some design changes as well.

The prior estimated cost of the project was PKR 16.7 billion which had been cut down to PKR 12 billion. Moreover, this will be one of the cheapest metro projects in terms of construction cost, according to an official related to the project.

The Metro Bus Project was delayed due to unexpected heavy rains in the city; however, the concerned authority has said that now the project is progressing at a good speed and will be completed on announced deadline which is March next year and after that locals will be able to use this bus service.

People are hoping that there would be no other delay in the project and would be completed on time as announced by the authorities.

Moreover, it would be worth mentioning here that PTDC (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation) has recently launched sightseeing bus service in twin cities to promote tourism in both cities and to enhance the existing tourism facilities. A total of nine buses was launched initially; however, more buses will be inducted into the project as the time goes on.

Moving onward, the upgrading process of Railway line (Main Line-1) from Karachi to Peshawar will be initiated in March 2018.

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