ITP stops Huracan, demanding owner to change exhausts

So the news from the capital is that the Islamabad Traffic Police stopped the infamous green Lamborghini Huracan of the twin cities and asked the owner to change the exhausts of the car because it was too loud. I am pretty sure all the car enthusiasts reading this are as speechless as the owner of the Lamborghini was at that time.

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While talking to Anjum Khan, the owner of this particular Huracan in question, he told us that the Islamabad Police wanted to take the car to the police station to change its exhaust. He told us that he was cruising on Islamabad Highway when the police started following him and when he reached F6 sector and stopped, the police caught up to him and demanded to remove the exhausts because they are too loud.

itp lambo huracan exhausts

Lamborghini Huracan comes with a 10-cylinder engine. So the car is going to be loud even if you are not exactly gunning it. This Lamborghini Huracan is on its original exhaust; meaning it is road legal in all of Europe and the US. The car meets the stringiest of European road and traffic rules available but unfortunately failed to meet the rules of Islamabad Traffic Police.

We will try to get the ITP’s point of view and update the blog as soon as possible. Happy motoring!

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  • Fazal Wahab

    well it will be loud if you rev it like insane.. yes the original stock exhaust is fine and meets all metro city decibel limits in US and Europe but problem starts when the driver unnecessarily start reving the engine just to have some attention and create unnecessary noise specially in the densely populated streets and other urban areas. and I am sure this was the case here

  • Ammar

    If he’s going to rev like a moron at night in the streets, then yes, impound his car for good.

  • Malik Farrukh

    Yes ITP took good decision
    It creates noise pollution and the normal intensity level of sound in cities 80-90 decibels

  • One man

    i be-leave that our traffic authorities should announce on all TV channels news papers and other info distributing sources the traffic regulations as to be known to ever one and after educating the public for a period of time enforce them strictly regardless the status of the driver , that does include small and big vehicles and other transporting equipment on the road as many or moving without back lights,signals and brake lights causing problems for other drivers on the road.