Its The End For Civic in Japan

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Honda has discontinued its globally famous Civic Sedan in its hometown Japan. According to the reports, the company took the step after a plunge in sales of the car. Meanwhile, this vehicle will continue to be sold in several foreign countries, including Pakistan.

The reports further stated that Honda recorded sales of only 1,619 units in the last fiscal year across Japan, averaging less than 135 vehicles per month. In comparison, Corolla sold 104,406 units in 2019, standing at 4th position in overall sales in Japan. The company sold around 8,700 odd vehicles per month. Meanwhile, Honda was not even in the top 50 in countrywide sales.

Not The First Time: 

This is not the first time company has pulled the plug on Civic Sedan. Earlier, in 2010, the company temporarily retired this car’s 8th generation, owing to low sales. Honda decided to re-launch the 10th generation of this vehicle in 2017 but eventually, it faced the same fate. 

This development does not mean that Honda has lost all space in the Japanese market. The company sold 250,000 units of the Honda N-Box Kei car last year. This trend shows the preference of customers in Japan. With congested roads, the compact Kei car has remained popular among Japanese consumers.

The current Civic Sedan is somewhat larger for roads of Japan, which causes traffic jams and unnecessary wait on roads. Interestingly, this similar car is considered as compact in the United States. Meanwhile, the sale of Civic hatchback, including Type R hot hatch, will continue in Japan.

Future of Company: 

Moreover, the Honda Swindon plant in the UK will shut its operations next year, while assembly in Turkey will be stopped in 2021 as well. The production and manufacturing of Civic is likely to be shifted to the US entirely, or it could be shifted to Europe. ‘

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