It’s Time to Get Your Car Ready for Summers

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Warm summer temperatures can be hard on a vehicle. Heat expands the air in the tires and makes your cooling system work harder. Harsh sun can accelerate wear on hoses and drive belts. With the right precautions, though, you can minimize the toll that heat and sun take on your car.

Here are some tips for “summerizing” your car:

Check Coolant
The number.1 reason of vehicle breakdown in summers is the heating up of your car. You need to regularly monitor the coolant level of your car. If the radiator has been dropping the coolant level every 2-3 days, get your radiator checked for any kind of leakages. Moreover, getting your car’s radiator serviced can also be beneficial if the engine is relatively old.

Get the A/C Serviced
Sudden tripping of A/C and reduced cooling are common problems of intense summers. It is recommended to get your car’s A/C serviced and inspected for any leakage of gas. Moreover, you must also get its compressor checked just to ensure that it is not weak and is not exerting extra pressure on the engine.

Check the Engine Oil
Right Engine Oil can mean a lot for your car’s performance especially if you are driving a car with an older engine. To find out more on which engine oil is right for your car, you may read ‘which oil is right for your car’.

Detoxify the Cooling System
Toxic Cooling system can create troubles like decreased fuel economy, lack of acceleration and knocking sounds. A toxic cooling system can also become a cause of engine heat up during the intense summers. However, it is strongly recommended to get your air filter, A/C filter and throttle body checked.

Check Wiper Blades
As the monsoon season starts anytime during the summers, it is recommended to get your wiper blades checked and replaced if required. Since wipers work really hard in winters for removing fog, dirt and dew from your screens, they may require replacement at the end of season. So don’t wait for the rainstorm to discover your worn out wiper blades, get them checked/replaced beforehand.


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