Japanese Man Arrested For Stealing A Police Car With Officers Inside

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Japan is a beautiful country, and Japanese people are incredible people. Japan has not only given some great cars and bikes, they have given us things like anime, bizarre horror films, stories of samurais and yakuzas, and Hello Kitty (for better or for worse). And every now and then, they give us people like Ushio Sato who try to steal unmarked police car with active duty police officers inside the same car.

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The 23 year old was caught red-handed trying to steal an unlocked and unmarked police car in the early hours of the morning of last Monday. The Japanese police spokeswoman declined to comment on the rather amusing incident. But the Japanese media reported that the unfortunate Sato did not notice people sitting inside when he tried to break into the vehicle parked at a local public parking lot. After noticing the police officers inside, Sato tried to escape on his leg but was quickly apprehended.

I guess it should be the lesson number one in the car thief’s handbook to check if there are active duty cops inside the vehicle when you are about to nick it.

Japanese Police Car
Not an actual police car
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