Jeremy, James And Richard Have Finally Named Their Amazon Motoring Show!

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Jeremy Clarkson, the host of BBC’s Top Gear, was fired last year over verbally and physically attacking a producer. Following that incident, the co-hosts of the show James May and Richard Hammond also decided not to renew their contracts and quit the BBC. After several negotiations with numerous TV channels, they agreed to come on board with Amazon Prime to produce an all new motoring show.

The filming for the show has been underway since October last year. However, the three along with their producers have had problems regarding the name of the show, since they can’t use the word ‘Gear’ due to legal implications which Jeremy Clarkson explained in a tweet. In the light of this, a short trailer was released on 8th of April this year, portraying Jeremy, James and Richard brainstorming for a suitable name for the new series, before ending with a Twitter hashtag #TheSTILLVeryMuchUntitledClarksonHammondMayAmazonPrimeShowComingAutumn2016. This trailer was followed by another short trailer posted by the three on Facebook, which yet again portrayed the trio attempting to come up with a suitable name, however, this time, they ended up by getting distracted and forgetting the task they were on.

Now, the wait and brainstorming sessions are both over as they have finally come up with a name, ‘The Grand Tour’ (GT for short, which Clarkson himself told in his tweet). The main reason for the show being called that is that they will go to a different country/city to gather a live audience to air every show, and they have already started an open fan suggestion on Twitter for it! Clarkson has told through his tweet that they will have twelve episodes for the first season out of which one will be a Christmas special so technically they will air the eleven of those episodes with the audiences of eleven different locations this autumn 2016. We currently have no word on whether the show will have a test track like the original Top Gear, and whether or not someone will take the role of Stig. (So don’t keep your hopes high on hearing the famous Clarkson’s catch phrase again: “All we know is he is called the Stig!”) Maybe our further confusions about the show will be clarified in the coming days when we start to see trailers of the show.

Moreover, people at BBC haven’t been quiet either; they hired Chris Evans last year to host the revamped version of Top Gear. On February 2016, Evans confirmed the new Top Gear presenters who will join him are: Former ‘Friends’ star, Matt LeBlanc, motoring journalist Chris Harris, German motor racing driver Sabine Schmitz and Sky television presenter Rory Reid while Eddie Jordan was confirmed as the Stig. In spite of having six new presenters on board, Chris Evans has stated in an interview with BBC News that only he and Matt LeBlanc will front the show weekly, while “other people come and go as and when required”. The new season of BBC Top Gear will air on BBC Two on Sunday, 29th of May.

The six presenters plus stig for the new BBC Top Gear
The six presenters plus stig for the new BBC Top Gear

Both the new revamped BBC Top Gear and The Grand Tour have seen some hard times to come to this point, but there is one thing for sure which is that this summer is going to be a treat for car fans with two heavy budget motoring show competing for glory!

I have attached the trailers of BBC Top Gear and videos of Clarkson, Hammond, and May in naming their show ‘The Grand Tour’ so sit back and enjoy!


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