The New 2016 Honda Civic Is Almost As Big As A BMW 3 Series

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If you follow cars and are excited about the new 2016 Honda Civic, then you might have seen multiple photos of Honda Civic being compared with Audi A5’s and other luxury sedans. Since we Pakistanis have not seen the new Civic first hand, the question that pops in our mind is that Is it really this big or is it just some design trick? To find out I will compare Civic 2016 sedan’s dimensions with the famous Civic Reborn (8th gen), current Honda Civic (9th gen), current Toyota Corolla (11th gen), Audi A3 sedan, Audi A4 sedan, Audi A5 sport back, BMW 318i and Mercedes-Benz C220d sedan.

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As the infographic illustrates, the wheelbase of Honda Civic 2016 has remained constant since the eighth generation Civic at 2700mm, which means that roominess of the cabin would pretty much remain unchanged since wheelbase is a major defining factor of cabin size. There is only so much a carmaker can do with the interior layout of a car without fiddling with its wheelbase. The tenth generation Civic would be even lower than the Civic Reborn at just 1410mm making it the second lowest car in our comparison; just 19mm short of Audi A5 Sportback.

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As far as the overall dimensions of the all-new Civic X are concerned, it easily trumps eleventh generation Toyota Corolla on all dimensions, since it will be longer, wider and lower than the Corolla. Moreover, it also seems to be getting closer to its German counterparts, not only will it be bigger than Audi A3 but it also easily matches the dimensions of BMW 318i, which rectifies our question. Going head to head against Audi A4 and A5 is may be a bit too much to ask from a Civic, but what amazed me the most was that it’s only 56mm shorter and 10mm narrower than a Mercedes C-Class which itself is a big win for Civic! Furthermore, it will be more than 90mm longer, 45mm wider and 40mm lower than its previous model, these numbers might sound small but in car terms they are extremely significant.

So to sum things up, the big size of Civic is not some camera trick or an optical illusion, it looks like Honda has really sent things up to the next tier. Now all we have to do is wait for Honda Atlas to drop it in our market. We’re not entirely sure about what Honda Civic 2016 price in Pakistan would be but Honda Civic 2016 price around the world starts just under US $20,000.

Update (2017): 2017 Honda Civic Oriel 1.8 is priced at PKR2,499,000. Base model 2017 Audi A3 is priced at PKR3,600,000.



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  1. Abdullah Rehan says

    Lambi jitni marzi ho. Pakistan main ai to sahe.


    It’s like comparing apples with oranges. Though both are compact size sedans, the 3 series falls into the luxury segment, whereas the civic is just another compact utility vehicle. It’s beyond absurd to compare honda with Audi and BMW. The similar physical dimensions is an obvious characteristic, as both fall in the compact class. The differences is in the technology the vehicles are packing, both under the hood, the general dynamics, and interior. Comparison can’t be drawn with CVT against dual clutch, iDrive technology with the civic’s regular fuel injection, and leather and wood premium interior with cheap plastic and grain. Compare honda with toyota, nissan , Volkswagen, and mazda. Acura with lexus, and infinity, Bmw with Audi and Genesis etc, so it’s a fair game.

  3. akhtar Mir says

    Although Honda civic is best buy in Pakistan and far ahead of its competitor Corolla in design, quality and comfort globally, how in hell one can compare with super brand cars like Merc, Audi & BMW just because of few centimeters. If you want to compare take Chevy, Ford Taurus, Nissan & Mazda models.Unfortunately the limited vision of Pakistanis revolves around the two brands monopolized here. some one has played a propaganda gimmick. I am surprised how come Pak Wheels who should be consumer and public friendly got involved in this indirect ad.


    Spot on!

  5. Mustafa Nawaz says

    Well comparison may be unfair, but I think the author was just trying to point out that it will be physically wider and thus look more in proportion than the corolla. By the way Toyota indus specs are wrong. the new corolla is narrower by 3 inches than the predecessor. that is why it looks too tall and small.
    But in Pakistan we will buy a corolla even if it looks ugly….just has to be the latest model!.
    Don’t get me wrong nothing against corolla, the 2010 model was beautiful. Toyota makes good cars by mistake sometimes. Honda makes bad cars by mistake sometimes.

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