Karachi’s Very Own Custom Made Lamborghini Countach Replica

Pakistan is full of talented people, and there is very little doubt about it. We are resourceful, tireless and get the job done. The same thing applies to people who are engaged in the automobile sector. Whether it’s doing insane swaps, or making new rides from the scratch, we triumph. And same is the case with this custom made Lamborghini Countach.

The car is not perfect in any way but consider this: Someone made all this with their hands by just looking at photos and videos of a car they have never seen in real life, and in a Pakistani workshop using a car chassis that was not supposed to be fitted with a sports car’s body, one must praise the effort.

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Lamborghinis are famous for their fire-spitting V12 naturally aspirated engines. But I guess for the sake of budget, fitment and non-availability of such a engine, the makers decided to stick a good ol’ V6 engine, the exact half of a V12. The chassis is from 1965 Volkswagen Beetle so at least it’s a rear wheel drive. One thing in common with the original Countach.

Custom Lamborghini Karachi (13)

That car has a full off-white colored custom interior. The light colored material is used for both dashboard and seats. Those famous Lamborghini trademark scissor doors are also present on this custom car. The ride height is more than what you would expect a supercar such as Lamborghini to be but considering the road conditions, I don’t think that is a bad thing.

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Of course, there is room for improvement, and there will be thousands of people who feel that this is a bad job or are ridiculing the efforts of the owner and fabricator. But be honest and ask yourself, how many of us can do this? It is not about having money, or lack of it. But it is about creativity and determination towards one of your childhood heroes. The Lamborghini Countach served as “The Poster Car” in our days and kudos to the people who turned it into a reality.

Photo courtesy: KT


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  • Sanjay Natarajan

    It is an excellent effort, no matter if ridiculous people ridicule the car. Hats off to the modifier who has done the job.
    The interior would have been a lot more sportier if it is made of colors Black + Brushed silver accents instead of the Beige + Red accents. Anyway, it matches the exterior of the car, and also the light color of the car will make the car appear more roomier than it actually is.
    Kudos!! 🙂

  • Kashif

    awesome job – keep it up dear

  • Ali

    Awesome… this is just beautiful … hats off the the guy / team who did it. *thumbsup* … Anyone who ridicules someone’s hard worked effort is a douchbag . if you can’t appreciate someone’s hardwork and effort .. don’t ridicule atleast.

  • Guest

    Inspiration + creativity.

    Imported cars all around, yet the street is unpaved.

    Safety tip: That dual exhaust is too high, when the car is parked with a hot engine, any toddler could walk under it and suffer potential burns from the hot exhaust. If the owner reads it, please do something about it.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    how much did it cost ?

  • Aamir Bashir

    Its amazing, looks more like the original ones but it should have paint job like silverish with gunmetal rims but hey grande work … Keep it up, i hope next time we see a custom made Bugatti Veyron on the street and on Pak wheels 🙂

  • Saqlain Haider Malik

    love u guy’s u have done a good job.

  • Faisal Inayat

    Ma Sha Allah. great efforts beautiful craftsmanship a replica on an average can cost e.g 10,000 USD min. This was my childhood dream car it use to appear on TV Drama Automan…..

  • KamranAslam

    He dreamed and reached it — My respects to the owner.


    Great job and congrats to the owner.