Ten 660cc Cars That You Can Buy Today In Pakistan

Lately, 660cc cars are gaining some serious attention from Pakistani auto consumers. Well, why not? We shouldn’t be surprised by that. They are small so easy to maneuver and drive within our congested cities. They have tiny engines and are fuel efficient as well. And when you have to continuously do start-stop driving in any of our big cities, all the bigger cars with large engines can be tough to run and maintain. Also, considering how much new cars are being imported in Pakistan nowadays, you are spoiled for choice. Besides, they are not a bad place to be. So if you are looking to buy one as well, here are ten 660cc cars that might intrigue you.

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The imported 660cc Suzuki Alto has been accepted quite widely in our used car market. They are small, look okay-ish, are fuel efficient, and spare parts are easily available (at least in bigger cities). The price range of PKR 630000 to 750000 can easily get you an imported 2005 to 2009 Suzuki Alto. Since they are imported and used, there is no MSRP. Therefore, the price depends on a bunch of factors like condition, auction grade, year of manufacture and import, etc. If you are willing to spend more, 2012-13 Suzuki Alto starts from PKR 8.5 lacs to 11 lacs depending on things mentioned above.

Suzuki Alto 2015 starts from PKR 11.5 and ends at PKR 12.5 lacs. Or if you fancy a little speed, Alto is available with 660cc turbo engine as well and the Alto has the following fuel economy figures:

Sixth Gen (04-09): 22km/l

Seventh Gen (2009-onwards): 24km/l (front-wheel-drive+CVT)

Eight Gen (2014-onwards): 37km/l

2004 Suzuki ALTO  7th_generation_Suzuki_Alto suzuki-reveals-new-retro-alto-model-best-one-so-far-videophoto-gallery_1

Wagon R is yet another popular car from Suzuki. After seeing the success of imported used Wagon R vehicles, Pak Suzuki started to offer the vehicle through their dealership as well. But Pak Suzuki Wagon R comes with a bigger engine whereas imported Wagon R is available with a 660cc motor. The fourth generation Wagon R (2008–2012) became quite popular locally. A 2012 Suzuki Wagon R can be found from PKR 9 lacs to PKR 10.5 lacs depending on specs, model and condition. The third generation imported Wagon R are quite cheaper, you can find one as low as PKR 5.5 lacs. Otherwise, the average price of 2007 Wagon R is around PKR 7 lacs.

The good thing is, imported Wagon R is slightly spacious compared to imported Suzuki Alto. Wagon R’s 1000cc K10B engine has given varying fuel economy to PakWheelers, but generally reported numbers from Pakistan and around the world are 19-20 KMPL with air-con on. There are imported Wagon R with turbo 660cc engines available in the market as well and they largely better equipped in features such as ABS for one.

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eK Wagon was first launched in Japan back in 2001. It is based on Mitsubishi’s Minica that was launched all the way back in 1962 in Japanese domestic market. After its launch in 2001, a facelift was introduced at the end of 2004. The second generation eK went on sale in Japan in 2006. Currently, this popular 660cc Kei car is in its third generation and was launched in 2013. The third-gen eK Wagon starts from PKR 1 million to and tops out at PKR 1.2 million. There are of course cheaper versions as well; the 2nd gen eK Wagon is obviously cheaper. 2012 mitsubishi eK wagon is available from PKR 8.5 lacs to PKR 1 million. The average price of 2007 eK Wagon is around PKR 7 lacs.

It is definitely a good option when comparing other 660cc cars like Suzuki Alto whereas built and interior are often similar between these models as automakers share platform between each other. The mileage, however, is quite impressive, the FWD with CVT transmission model gives a staggering mileage of 29 KMPL.


Otti is basically eK Wagon by Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi started selling eK Wagon to Nissan to be marketed in Japan in 2005. Nissan rebadged the car and added some of its cosmetic stylings and launched it as Otti. There are only cosmetic changes between both vehicles like the different front grille and rear brake lights. Engine specs are same since both are the same cars. There isn’t any difference in their prices. A 2012 nissan Otti is available in the same price bracket of PKR 8.5 lacs to PKR 1 million.

There are not many older models of Otti available though, unlike eK Wagon both cars come with that cool sliding door as well. Since its just a eK Wagon with Nissan’s badge, the mileage is the same 29 KMPL.


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Moco is also a small four seater five-door mini MPV and like Otti, it has also been borrowed from a different automaker. Nissan Moco is a rebadged Suzuki MR Wagon. The car is available in few transmission options like manual in older Moco cars, conventional 4-speed auto and now CVT for newer (2013 and above) cars. As far as motor is concerned, it comes with both turbo and a non-turbo 660cc engine. Mileage is 23 KMPL but the variant which has idling stop technology, it gives 27.2 KMPL.

You can find a decent looking 2007 Moco S for PKR 7.5 lacs. Newer 2012 Nissan Moco can be had in PKR 9 lacs.


Pixis is a small 5-door 4-seater 660cc Kei car by Toyota. Like Nissan, Toyota has also borrowed the car from another company, but that company is Toyota’s subsidiary, Daihatsu. (Now wholly owned by Toyota) Toyota Pixis comes with Daihatsu 660cc engine and all new Pixis cars come with a CVT gearbox and gives a mileage of 25.5 KMPL. It is a relatively less common car so finding spare parts even in bigger cities can be an issue, especially body parts. But considering these small cars share a lot with each other, mechanical parts should not be a problem. There are currently two body shapes of Pixis available in the market. You can find a 2014-15 Toyota Pixis for as much as PKR 12 lacs.

The box-shaped Pixis is a mini MPV and is sometimes called Pixis Mega. It has better interior space than the regular Pixis. Older 2012 Pixis are available for average PKR 9 lacs.


pixis-epoch Toyota-Pixis-Mega

Honda Life is arguably not as famous as other 660cc cars in Pakistan, may be because of its 19 KMPL fuel mileage but it is quite a looker. Honda launched Life name back in 1971 and had been used for different Honda Kei cars ever since. The fifth generation 2013 Honda Life Diva can be had for under PKR 1 million. The price of the vehicle depends on few things like the year of import, condition and auction grade, but you can find one in between the price range of 8 to 10 lacs. Life is also available with both turbo and non-turbo engines. Fourth generation Honda Life was available from 2003 to 2008. A 2007 Honda Life can be found for around PKR 7 to 8 lacs.


Import 660cc Cars Through PakWheels

Daihatsu, along with Suzuki, can be considered as a leader in small cars. Daihatsu is a sub-brand of Toyota so you can be assured you are buying a decent reliable car. When Toyota Indus Motors launched Daihatsu Cuore, it was quite well received by Pakistani auto consumers. So if you are looking for 660cc cars by Daihatsu, you have few options in front of you.

Currently, Move is in its sixth generation and was launched in 2014. The average sale price of a Daihatsu Move 2014 is around PKR 9 to 11 lacs. And funnily enough, the fifth generation Daihatsu Move 2012 is also available around the same price. But Move’s popularity is mainly owed to its interior capacity; the back seats are adjustable, they can be moved fulled backward to create a very comfortable leg space and yet leave ample room in the hatch. Same goes for the front and this is one reason why, people in Pakistan have preferred Daihatsu Move the other is its mileage. Fourth gen (2006-2010) gives out 23 KMPL, Fifth gen (2010-2014) give 27 KMPL while the Sixth gen (2014-onwards) gives an impressive 31 KMPL.


Daihatsu Mira is one of those cars that has made its place in the hearts of Pakistani car buyers. The response of the Pakistani market can be attributed to the fact that Mira before this was Cuore and we’re known to its popularity even though the model we had was shut down from production globally by 1995, Indus Motors closed of the Daihatsu Cuore’s production in 2012. And never could replace it with the Mira that used car importers finally brought to us. A Daihatsu Mira 2012 is available for an average price of PKR 1 million and the Mira e:S version gives out a staggering mileage of 30 kmpl.

The Daihatsu Mira fuel consumption, good looking design, spacious interior and all the features that a 21st century car must have, made it an easy sell in Pakistan.

Mira e:S – 30 km/l

suzuki-mira-front-side-view daihatsu-mira-2013-image

Daihatsu Copen on the other hand, is a different breed. It is a 660cc two-seater roadster to meet the Kei car regulations but due to emissions related issues, it was also fitted with a 1300cc engine. The turbo engine gave a mileage of around 17 KMPL. It is a nifty little car that gained some popularity in Europe but few auto journalist felt it was ‘toy-ish’, we think that Daihatsu made it to feel that way since in the next generation, unveiled in 2014 gave the opportunity to its buyers to fully choose its interior and exterior according to their preference thanks to its interchangeable parts. There were two variants sold in Japan, the Coper XPlay and Copen Robe, the Robe has an addition trip level of Robe S-Type. The older Copen, like the 2005 model, can be found for PKR 5 lacs. But newer 2014-15 Daihatsu Copen is quite expensive and is available for up to 2.5 million PKR.

daihatsucopen_3 daihatsucopen_2 daihatsucopen_1

It is not possible to go in detail of each and every carmaker and their cars in one blog. The purpose of this article is just to give you an idea about the available 660cc options. The spare parts of many of these cars depends on your locations. If you are living in a bigger city like Lahore, Karachi or Isb/Rwp, finding spares is not an issue. But if you are located in a relatively smaller town or city, finding parts for your Pixis or Copen or any other imported car can be an issue.

Some notable mentions: Suzuki Every, Daihatsu Hijet, Honda N One, Nissan Roox, Suzuki Hustler.

You can see more 660cc Japanese cars here.

Disclaimer: All the fuel average numbers are sourced from the various online portal and are claimed by automakers as true. Fuel average might differ in real-world scenarios depending on various variables.


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