Kia Beats the World to Become the Best Automaker Regarding Quality

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Waking up to see Kia beating the world to become the best automaker regarding quality, is not something you expect to see every day. In this year’s ratings, Kia was the star of the show with only 83 problems per 100 cars. Most importantly, after twenty-seven years a mainstream brand topped J.D. Power’s Quality ranking. The latest survey by J.D. Power revealed that the most automakers inside the study came with better reliability score than they did last year. The study examined thirty-three automakers out of which twenty-one showed a year over year (YoY) improvement. This year’s score improved overall by more than 6% when put into the perspective of 2015’s numbers.

J.D. Power’s VP of US auto quality, Renee Stephens, said: “It has become clear that automakers are listening to the customer, identifying pain points and are focused on continuous improvement.”

J.D. Best Quality Cars in the World Survey

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According to J.D. Power, in previous years, lack of polish in tech features led to poor ratings received by car companies. Now however in 2016, things are a lot different as software has evolved over time along with that, people are now more familiar with the technology inside their cars. Furthermore, it’s the first time since 2006 that expensive luxury brands have faced more problems as compared to the cheaper mass producing automakers. The scoring in J.D. Power’s survey is one point per problem meaning the lower the score, the better it is. Average problems per 100 cars this year for all companies is 105, which is seven less than last year. Moreover, according to J.D. Power, generally automakers with newly introduced vehicles score less as compared to the companies whose older cars are carried over to the new model year.

In this year’s rating, Toyota secured a position inside the top five at 93 points. Honda, though, sat at a modest 23rd place with 119 problems per 100 Cars 26 more than that of Toyota. As far as vehicles launched in 2016 are concerned, J.D. Power’s Survey is currently the only major assessment of quality available to help buyers make right decisions.


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  1. Guest says

    After Land Rover (#26), the jumps are much much larger – more than 20 points each time. It would be interesting to draw a graph to visualize the exponential effect.

    Total difference between rank 1 and rank 26 = 132- 83 = 49 points.
    Total difference between rank 29 and rank 26 = 216-132 = 84 points. Go figure.

  2. Sultan Kiani says

    Nice work Mr. Adnan! I have a question in my mind, who is going to take lead in Electric Car Game? Asia, EU or USA? BMW, GMC or Kia?
    And where do you see Tesla in next decade?

  3. Humza Aamir says

    Surprised to see Chevrolet and Buick above Audi and Mercedes.

  4. Sultan Kiani says

    I always preferred European over American cars until VW started playing dirty diesel game!

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