Lahore Mall Road to remain shut for three months

After the ruling of Supreme Court which gave permission to Punjab Government and other concerned parties to work on Orange Line Metro Train after the delay of almost 22 months, which previously was halted by Lahore High Court to protect heritage sites, authorities have now kicked off work on one of the crucial part of Orange line Metro Train the underground central station near GPO (Grand Post office).

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According to ET, the concerned authorities in a bid to complete the project (section) promptly has decided to shut down Lahore’s busiest and famous Mall road for a time of three months. While talking to media, the section contractor said we have started working in the section after taking precautions to protect heritage site as directed to us by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Green shade and Metal sheets have been put on cultural sites to protect them, he further added.

Furthermore, he also said that SNGPL, WASA, LESCO and other parties have even started working on the section and are relocating the underground pipelines and wiring structure. Moreover, as per the new traffic plan, the traffic which will come from lower mall will be diverted to Napier road. Similarly, the traffic which will come from Regal Chowk will be redirected to Fane Road. The authorities have aggressively speed-up the construction of the Metro project at many different points after SC’s ruling earlier this month.

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