Lahore: Over 25 thousand traffic accidents reported in just four months

Traffic violations and accidents are on the rise in Punjab’s capital city Lahore. According to a local news channel over 25 thousand accidents have been reported in Lahore in just first four months of 2018. 130 of those were fatal traffic accidents.

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It is important to mention here that bike commuters involved in traffic accidents are over 16 thousand. Most of the traffic accidents occurred while changing the lane in a wrong manner and also taking wrong u-turns. 14 thousand traffic accidents occurred due to bikers doing one-wheeling on roads, while 1 thousand and three hundred traffic accident occurred due to underage drivers.

These are the stats for just first four months of 2018 and for Lahore only. The Punjab Government has installed the ANPR cameras all over the city to identify traffic violators. Following their identification process, the e-Challans are dispatched to the home address of these violators. However, despite this, traffic violations are rising, as per local media.

Aside from 2018, in 2015-16 a total of 9,100 traffic accidents occurred in Pakistan, and 4,448 people were killed in these tragic accidents. Most of the people who died in these accidents fall below the 30 age. 4,287 traffic accidents occurred in KPK and 1,299 people died in those accidents.

The government of KPK introduced European traffic rule system in the province to curb the accident issues.

Let’s wait and see what the Punjab Government will do more about this serious issue. Until then stay tuned to for updates.

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  1. May I remind pakwheels that Punjab is also present outside lahore . All your articles and stuff covers mostly lahore

  2. That is an unbelievable number of accidents & underlines the seriousness of the situation.

    Pedestrians and bikers crossing from unauthourized paths is huge cause of such accidents where car drivers have to take action to save them in no time, causing vehicle collisions. This point has gone long unnoticed. Pedestrians should also penalized for crossing the road when the signals are green for crossing vehicles.


  3. More awareness schemes required for drivers. We really don't bother right of others when on road. Getting rid of unnecessary frequent changing lanes habit can save us from 80% of accidents on road. Be patient and drive safe!

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