Lahore Traffic Police Unveils Traffic Penalty System

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Frequent traffic violations could soon lead to suspension of a  driving license in Lahore, as a system of penalty points has been officially introduced on the city’s roads.

The City traffic police Lahore has released a list of violations and corresponding points; for each violation, your license will be suspended if you record 20 points within 12 months.

Every time the offenders commits the following offense: points would be deducted as follows:

  • Breaking signal = 3 points
  • One way = 2 points
  • Line and Lane = 1 point

After deduction of 1 point, every offender would receive an SMS.

If a violator is a repeat offender, his/her driving license would be suspended for three months, six months or twenty-four months depending on the number of points. Strict action will be administrated against the penalized driver if he/she is found driving during their suspension period.

Challan would be sent to the owner’s address, so make sure whenever you hand over your car to someone or sell it, transfer of ownership should be your priority.

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