Lahore’s Seat belts Drive: Is Challan The Only Language We Understand?

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If you are a Lahori, you sure know whats on heat these days, seat belts. It’s not that our cars weren’t equipped with seat belts a month ago, nor that we didn’t know what they are for or how to latch them, it’s just that we didn’t want to buckle up. Some time ago, traffic police in Lahore put a fine on not fastening seat belts on Mall road only. But about a month ago, this was applied to the whole city.

I know that some Lahoris, who upon reaching Islamabad, fasten their seat belts, drive under 80 KMPH and don’t honk unnecessarily. That is because the Traffic police there puts a fine if you don’t follow the rules. So that’s more of a fear than of acceptance.

Well, the same attitude police adopted in Lahore; the wardens started pulling over random vehicles just to give them a ticket and capture the driver’s license. Now there was a usual preliminary phase when 9 out of 10 people would come out of the car like their uncle is a commissioner and a phone call will show the warden that he has stopped the wrong guy and now he’s in trouble. But this time it was a bit different. I think the commissioner either disowned the nephews or just told them to pay the ticket and take care of that seat belt thingy from now on. And once you pay that ticket, not that it is a heavy fine, usually around PKR 500(~$5) which is way modest if you compare it internationally, but the hassle of getting your documents back will sure tickle you to buckle up the next time you drive.

I visited Islamabad last week and when I came back, there was one less factor by which the two cities differ, everyone was wearing seat belts. Though the traditional Lahori rally style driving was there, I think the Traffic police have got the idea that anything can be imposed on the traffic by the use of challans, as they have decided to use same tactic to stop wheelies, and because it was always there in the law, but just a bit away from our hearts. However, now it seems to have come closer to our hearts but unfortunately, this was a forced marriage.

So to all Lahoris out there, and of course every Pakistani (until you get this in your cities), drive safe and buckle up next time you fire that ignition because when you rear end some car, or some car rear ends you, your jaw wouldn’t hit the steering nor will you go flying out of the car.

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  1. DJ says

    i think it was required same should be applied for bikers helmet should be must and yes its true we the people in Pakistan always like |Danda| without it we dont follow any rules etc. i think it is right time that every citizen of Pakistan should abide rules but it should be for everyone

  2. Usman Burki says

    what about rear tainted windows for prius and such ? what’s the law on that ? its just the rear doors and back glass !

  3. Ahmed Hembel says

    Don’t know about the law but factory tinted windows are legal, and if you tell upon being stopped that your car is imported so it has factory fitted tints then they let you go.

  4. Usman Burki says

    well my prius came from japan with the black paper on it, the paper is very good and nothing like whats being done here in pakistan. i was hold up before and i said its imported and he let me go but few days back i was again stopped and this time he didn’t listen to me and said that it’s our duty to take them off and what not even though it was only on the rear doors and the back glass. this is quite BS because i’ve seen those vvip cars go with all black glass and what not and nobody does nothing to them ! merc’s beemers and others with all black glass and nobody asks em

  5. abobobilly says

    I would certainly want to kill that mofo with a tainted window, especially the rear ones. This one time this stupid person backed into my bike at a signal, in broad day light, and he couldn’t see a freaking thing in rear view mirror.

    I drive as well, and i personally hate the rear tinted mirrors. I would want Lahore Wardens to issue a ticket to such people without any exception. Thats how such people should be treated when they are unaware of people at their rear (same goes those bikers without rear view mirrors).

  6. Usman Burki says

    whoa hold on bhai :p that guy must be DRUNK but i can see just fine these aren’t the cheap made black kinda sh*t ppl stick to their mirrors here, i can see perfectly fine even at night with these. plus have a back camera in the car too !

  7. abobobilly says

    Well i wasn’t talking about you. Prius (and a lot of other imports) have a rear camera which works surprisingly good. The guy who hit me was a City (2013).

    I kinda agree with what you said about the cheap paper they use. But does that stop them from putting it on? Thats what ticks me.

  8. Shahid Mehmood says

    agreed.. i own a Cultus and have quarters and rear windscreen HALF tinted. still got a ticket at Murree Express way toll plaza

    Then i asked him that how about the imported vehicles.. he said, they also need an NOC for them

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