Le Mans Winning 1955 Jaguar D-Type Makes Auction History

Many treat cars like art pieces. The older cars that are exclusive or have an epic story to their history are considered invaluable. One of those cars that are not only super exclusive but also have an epic story attached to them, is this Jaguar D-Type.

What is so special about this Jag is the fact that this particular chassis won the 24h Le Mans back in 1956. The D-Type Jaguar is arguably one of the most popular race cars of all times. The D-Type Jag was Jaguar’s engineering triumph with the development of their state of the art monocoque chassis design of its era. The D-Type later went on to win the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1955, 1956, and 1957 respectively.


The chassis number of this Jaguar D-Type is XKD 501, and it was able to beat a race team from its British competitor Aston Martin. This D-Type Jag covered 2,507.19 miles at the average speed of 104.47 mph. On the long infamous Mulsanne Straight, the D-Type was able to achieve the top speed of 156.868 miles per hour. Since the car was an unofficial entry by a privately owned Scottish racing team called the Ecurie Ecosse, the car has a different color scheme as compared to the other D-Type Jags. This XKD 501 chassis Jag is painted in team’s Scottish blue with a white cross theme.


As I said above, many people consider such cars as art pieces. Even if you are not into the history and pedigree, just look at the stunning body and style of the D-Type. The Jaguar D-Type is arguably one of the best-looking cars of all-time.

The car was won by a private investor and auto enthusiast who is willing to pay eye-watering $21.78 million for this one-off Jaguar. The auction bid has made this car the most expensive British automobile ever sold at any auction.

Image Courtesy: AB

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