“Lexus LX 570 is Way Above Land Cruiser,”- Owner’s Review

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Today we’re back with an owner’s review of Nida Wasti’s Lexus LX 570, a renowned rally racer. This particular car is a 2016 model LX 570 facelifted to 2019 from Japan. The owner imported this car recently; it is a 5-grade vehicle driven around 31000 kilometers. This car comes with a 5.7-liter V8 engine producing 383hp and 546Nm of torque. The owner imported this car as it had many features,” even more than the Land Cruiser.”

Salient Features

The list of features in the LX 570 includes 4-driving modes: eco, comfort, normal, and sports mode. Meanwhile, off-road features include crawl control, a locking differential, a multi-terrain system, and traction control. Furthermore, safety features include blind-spot monitoring, lane assist, ten airbags, vehicle stability control, and adaptive cruise control. The owner’s favorite feature is the infotainment system controlled by a mouse and has climate control settings, audio, navigation, and a list of other features embedded in it.


“If we talk about the drive, there’s no car above it,” the owner stated. According to Wasti, the road handling is way better than the Land Cruiser, and it stays grounded at high speeds. Acceleration is impressive, too, with the car going from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.8 seconds. “With good acceleration, braking is essential, and excellent brakes, this car does not disappoint, and I’m pretty satisfied,” the owner added.


The interior of Lexus LX 570 is where you really want to be. This particular car has a black dashboard, white leather seats and has wooden trims in the door panels with ambient lighting.” Most of the cars come with a beige room, but I really liked the black and white combination,” added the owner.

The interior also features an analog clock which the owner really likes and enjoys the overall interior’s look and feel while driving.

Comfort in Lexus LX 570

According to the owner, the comfort of the LX 570 is exemplary; the car features a heated steering wheel, heated and ventilated seats, lumbar support, and a 3-way memory driver seat. Along with that, the rear seats are reclinable, and passengers can travel very comfortably, even on long journeys. With a very smooth suspension and drive quality, the cabin noise is also very minimal, which further enhances the comfort.

AC Performance

The LX570 features a 4-zone climate control and is very efficient in maintaining cabin temperature even in harsh conditions. It can be accessed through the instrument panel, the infotainment system, and even from the rear. The car automatically turns on its rear air conditioning when a passenger sits on the seat.

Fuel Average of Lexus LX 570 

The owner gets a fuel average of 4 to 5 km/l within the city and around 7 to 8 km/l on the highway. “Mileage is better when driven on eco mode, but it comes down when you push the car,” said the owner.

Maintenance and Spare parts

According to the owner, routine maintenance cost is nominal as its oil filter costs around Rs. 2500 to 3000. Oil is also available here, and the price is not bad either. However, spare parts are expensive and are not easily available in Pakistan; the owner imports spare parts from Dubai as he thinks counter copies are available in the local market.

Resale of Lexus LX 570 

The owner Lexus LX 570 imported this car himself, so it cost him Rs. 44 million, which is less than its price in the local market. In his opinion, resale is good as LX 570’s acceptance in Pakistan, and hopefully, it will not make him a loss when he decides to sell it.

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