List of Honda City Variants, Features & Prices in Pakistan

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Honda Atlas has its fair share of followers in Pakistan. And apparently, the global rivalry between Honda and Toyota has manifested its presence in Pakistan. Both brands have plenty to offer and loyalists of both automotive giants have plenty of reasons to show support for their picks.

Honda City has always been a preferred choice of vehicle for the middle-class folks in Pakistan. With its fuel-efficient engine, features, performance and good resale value, the car’s presence has always been appreciated in Pakistan. The car has 6 variants to choose from and this choice spans over the options from 1.3 to 1.5 L engines with manual or automatic transmissions.

So, following is the list of all variants and their features. And we hope that this compilation of data will serve as a single collection of features, where it will help readers in identifying all the different aspects of these models, which help differentiating them from each other.



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  1. HondaLover says

    Why no mention of OEM claimed mileage and actual mileage from customers? It is a very important selection criteria for cars.

  2. Shiraz Maqbool says

    Claimed and actual mileage is actually very misleading. Claimed mileage is tested in lab conditions, no wind resistance etc. which is why the figures are higher than actual consumption. Actual mileage from customers is also a point of confusion. Some people drive with a heavy foot, others keep it as light as possible. Some do a lot of highway, others a lot of city. So any figures need to account for all these and other factors including maintenance, air pressure in the tyres, size of tyres (some people fit aftermarket alloys with a bigger tyre width), luggage being carried, etc.

    At the most those figures might give you a very rough idea of what to expect. Hope that helped.

  3. HondaLover says

    You went on a tangent instead of focusing on the meat of the matter. Regardless of differences, a rough guideline wrt mileage is helpful in deciding which car variant to go for, especially for those with multiple engine and transmission options.

  4. Umar Hayat says

    When New City is expected to come in pakistan???

  5. Najeeb says

    Fuck you Honda Pakistan

  6. Syed Shuraim Hassan says

    reason of this much anger do u like suzuki?

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