Local dealer files petition against banning of non-filers to purchase vehicles

A local car dealer has filed petition in Islamabad High Court (IHC) against the banning of non-filers to buy vehicles, reports a local media outlet.

According to the details, the lawyer of the petitioner argued that the amendment through finance bill in Income Tax Ordinance’s Section 227 A and B is in clear violation of the constitution of the country. Barring non-filers to buy cars is unconstitutional, and the parliament cannot make such law which is against the wishes of the people, he added.

The court has ordered Attorney General, Anwar Mansoor Khan, to help the authority in this matter; moreover, the high court also issued notices to concerned personnel such as director FBR to submit their response on the matter as well.

The next hearing in the court will be after two weeks.

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It is imperative to mention here that the PML-N government barred non-filers from purchasing cars, which was later lifted by the current PTI government, however, On 3 October 2018, the National Assembly passed the amended finance bill under which non-filers were again barred from buying cars. But, there are, still, few exceptions given to non-filers in the regard by the government such as overseas non-filers can purchase a vehicle, non-filers can still purchase vehicles below 200cc engine capacity etc.

After the ban, the industry received it with mix feelings, some argued that it is a decision by the government, while, on the other hand, some said it would be devastating for the local auto industry.

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Notable Replies

  1. This needs to be settled for once and for all.

  2. Keep crying u nasty dealers, u had been doing so well asking for illegal On and premium by blackmailing them customers, was that so called "constitutional"??? Just shut up for once or a reference must be filled against them in the court for tax evasion, fraud, and what not..

  3. hmm,

    If someone wishes to be served the finest jewels on a plate of gold on the arms of perfect ratio goddesses - free of charge.

    the constitution has to fulfill it, and the supreme court should arrange it. :smiley:


    azadi chahiye, azadi ka matlabb - kuch bhi bakdo

  4. Well, if we look at the auto sector where the sales have fallen down too much as the non filers cannot buy the cars. Where as on the other side the dealers are harasing the clients who had paid the money but are not been listed as filers. One of my nephew is facing this situation as the toyota dealer in Karachi is not refunding the amount and giving excuses and making them come at the showroom everyday.

    If the auto sector has to increase the sales they can do so by finishing the On they charge on the vehicles which is not been received through proper payment. If the customer say's that he would be paying the On money with the car price the dealer refuses it and say's that the On money has to be paid in cash and separately. My brother faced the same as he had purchased a Wagon R from Pak Suzuki showroom and had to pay the On money separately.

    The On Money should be stopped by the government through the Auto industries restricting the Dealers to only receive the amount payable for any car purchased. Which includes the Registration Charges.

  5. high court should have instead ordered to charge these dealers for fraud with the customers, instead they acted as a very innocent body like they didnt know what happens in every dealership..

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