In the Loving Memory of Suzuki Khyber

It has been 16 years since Suzuki parted its ways with the one of the original generations of its locally produced cars. As it is common knowledge these days that the life for Suzuki Khyber began as the 1st generation of Swift when the car was imported and it is also worth mentioning that this car was launched in 1988 by the name of Swift but by 1991 Pak Suzuki had required the additional 15% shares required to take over the operations as the higher percentage of shareholding with total accumulated shares of 40%, thus in 1991 Pak Suzuki started its operations with new badges and new names assigned to every car in its factory line up. Swift was named Khyber, Alto was named ‘Mehran’ and soon rest of the cars had to go through this procedure.


After Fx went out of production, Khyber was the best choice due to it being already marketed as the next big thing but it had to share its spotlight with the “Common Man’s Car” Suzuki Alto/Mehran. Nonetheless, because of the longer wheel base, it offered the comfort of adjusting and reclining the seats while retaining the ability to be comfortable for the passengers and with an engine capacity of 1000 cc it had the power to back its claims. But most of all, this car was rugged. Even today after years of being discontinued, we can still find it on the roads of our country. It was never a frail looking thing, my family happened to own one of the GA models and even on the coldest nights of winter, this car required only two to 2-3 tries and the carburetor engine always came to life. Over the years I have missed this childhood relic, partly because I have had number of excursions in it and partly because if I compare this car with today’s modern and hi-tech cars then today’s cars fail to bring that excitement and joy of chugging the car on express way in the middle of the night, these cars lack the warmth that made you feel special when driving down the road.

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Even to this day I sometimes question the policies of car manufacturers, because some of the discontinued models had so much potential and so much to offer if utilized efficiently but according to them, people preferred sleeker designed cars. But I disagree because based on the statistics provided by PAMA, these figures display a different story.

khyber sales

To put things in perspective, the replacement cars ‘Alto’ & ‘Cultus’ really took off when auto-financing was introduced in the country for the 1st time in 2004. Furthermore, the build quality of today’s high-tech cars leave much to be desired. The corporations need to prioritize the safety and entertainment of the customers, rather than focusing more on making profits to produce a good fiscal year report and increasing company’s assets.

alto & cultus sales

If you have owned a Khyber or have driven this beauty to seek the thrill of its driving, do let us know. Because we ought to cherish these memories.

Abdul Hanan

Hanan is an avid auto enthusiast with a flair for writing and playing games. He loves traveling, deciphering political maneuvering and exploring the realms of coding & graphic designing.

  • Abdul Hannan

    one of the most sophisticated thing made by paksuzuki…….i can still recognise sound of its g10 flat tappet engine .

  • Umar Ashfaq

    Amazing work by the author 🙂

  • Bitter_truth

    bhai poora likho “Amazing Copy Paste work by the author”

  • Bitter_truth

    I own a 1996 suzuki khyber fully genuine the interesting thing is it’s not khyber it’s swift when i purchased it i opened up the file and checked it. Internationally it’s launched by the name of Swift locally it’s called Khyber but on paper work it’s called swift. However it’s an awesome machine i still touched 155km/h on highway and it also give hard times to cultus. In a nutshell it’s an awesome machine.

  • Guest

    “or took your parent’s car for a drive without their permission to seek the thrill”

    Dude, what are you promoting?

  • Guest

    Khyber would give a hard time to Cultus because Cultus is bigger and heavier, but with the same engine.

    I remember a gentleman sharing in comments in PW Blog that his FAW V2 won a drag against an XLi. Which is expected as XLi is far heavier but the engine displacement is same.

  • Abdul Hanan

    I don’t know what you are trying to imply with your statements, but the article has been properly cited and all the credit has been given where it is due….

  • Muhammad Tanzeel Syed

    Alhumdulilah i owned Suzuki Khyber 95…Just love its road grip,pickup & everything ..
    Nice to read this article 🙂

  • Adan Ali

    You can’t feel the pain a writer goes through when a reader lays claim without any evidence that his work is copy-pasted! Great work Hanan!

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    love the way its sound changes from something like cultus’ to a roar no other local car can produce when it goes above ignition timing advance rpm. the way it throws you back in the seat at slight jerk of throttle in its performance rpm is phenomenal.

  • Ovais Syed

    I still owned Suzuki Swift 1989 imported in black color and enjoy riding in it

  • Faisal Ashraf

    Well i have recently bought my first car and its suzuki khyber 1996