Low-profile tires – All you need to know!

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We are back with another informative blog about tires. In this blog, we will be discussing low-profile tires. So what are basically low-profile tires? To put it simply the low-profile tires have shorter sidewall than an average tire. As a general rule of thumb, a tire which has the aspect ratio 50 or lower is considered a low-profile tire.

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Moving onwards, does it influence suspension? And the answer is yes. If you equip the car with the low-profile tires not recommended by the manufacturer it may lead to suspension failure, damaging your wheels as well.

But it is not all bad. These sort of tires have theire benefits as well. Let’s first take a look at the pros of low profile tires.


  • Using low profile-tirse mean larger rims and wider tire, which can potentially give you better braking. The car will stop in shorter time.
  • They provide better grip on the road.
  • Lower sidewall increases the firmness of the tire, giving stability at high speed and changing direction.
  • Low profile tires give better stability on wet roads.
  • One of the essential advantages of putting on low-profile tires is that it can enhance the looks to the car.


  • They don’t absorb much impact if hitting a pothole, causing severe damage to wheel or the rim of the car.
  • High possibility that the tire might deflate if hit the pothole with some impact.
  • Due to thinner sidewalls and not absorbing the roads impact better than average tire, it will provide you with a stiffer ride.
  • Lower driving comfort.
  • Due to increased width, the tires generate extra noise.
  • Might need to change the wheel or rim to make it suitable for the low-profile tire.
  • If used non-recommended low-profile tires, it may also damage the suspension of the vehicle.bent alloys (3)

That’s it from our side if you guys want to add anything to the information provided above, do drop your expression in the comments section below.

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