Mazda6 to get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in Summer 2018

With every automaker trying hard to give its customers the highest graded technology features in their cars, it is hard to find any good name in the current market which has stayed behind in this regard. It has been quite some time since Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto are introduced in the industry and by now it seems like every other manufacturer has already incorporated compatibility with various smartphone mirroring infotainment systems; two of the most important ones being the Apple CarPlay and the Android Auto.

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Toyota had also jumped on the bandwagon, offering compatibility to the Apple CarPlay, beginning first from its Toyota Avalon. Following the footsteps, Mazda is all set to introduce the Apple CarPlay as well as the Android Auto. The lucky Mazda6 will be the first in line to be equipped with it.

“Mazda has been a CarPlay and Android Auto partner since 2014, so it is no secret that we are developing both systems to interface with our Mazda Connect infotainment system. Both software systems should be retroactively upgradable onto all Mazda Connect systems with a potentially minimal hardware addition needed. Mazda does not yet have an official timeline for when these should be available or at what cost, however.”

New buyers will be able to get the Mazda6 this summer, all fully equipped with the smartphone system. From what we have been hearing, it will be standard on Touring, Grand Touring, Grand Touring Reserve and Signature. However, the sports models will not be having it standard.

The news might have come late for those who have recently purchased the Mazda6 or those who were planning to do so before Summer 2018. But there is nothing to worry about, as Mazda has ensured that all new buyers get to enjoy the newest feature. So, all those who have their hands on the wheel of the Mazda6 already or are about to have them in future can still get the features updated on their cars as soon as it is available.

Mazda6 remains to be the only model right now in the Mazda line to get this feature. However, we are very hopeful that once jumped onto this stream, the automaker will soon be making more announcements regarding compatibility being introduced in other models too. But so far, we have no official announcements from Mazda, and we aren’t sure when the other models will be getting this feature or whether the previous models will be able to get this feature update in the near future.

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