Meet Pakistan’s First Toyota C-HR



C-HR stands for “Coupe-High Rider” and it is Toyota’s answer to the Vezel’ and Juke’ of this decade. The vehicle is built on the Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA), which is the same platform as the Toyota Prius 4th generation. As compared to the Honda Vezel, the Toyota C-HR is longer, wider and more hunkered than its prime competitor. To top it off it comes with Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD), combining both electric motor and petrol engine to deliver an ultra smooth performance and extra mileage. C-HR was introduced back in 2016 and is being offered in four variants:

  • C-HR HV G (Hybrid)
  • C-HR HV S (Hybrid)
  • C-HR GT (AWD)
  • C-HR ST (AWD)

Initial cost estimates for this vehicle falls in the 4.2-4.6 million range, which I might add is highly subjected to the conversion rate. Reportedly there are some additional options, which can be picked for an extra cost and considering the fact that this is a relatively new vehicle, the vehicle that we will be seeing in Pakistan has a higher ratio of being brand new. But will it give some competition to Honda Vezel? That is a question to both, time and the choice of customers to pay for a brand new vehicle instead of buying a second hand one.

(Picture’ Courtesy: Luxury Cars in Pakistan)


Notable Replies

  1. Too little information in the article on this car sadly, the article should be more detailed. Looks lovely though. Ground clearance seems to be lower compared to Vezel.

  2. The car comes in two engine sizes:
    1200 c.c Petrol
    1800 c.c Hybrid.

    1800 c.c Hybrid is available in Karachi.

  3. RIP Suzuki Vitara. :smiley:

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