Mini armored cars to be imported for maintaining Karachi’s peace

Intervention by Supreme Court and noises made by GHQ had forced LEAs (Law Enforcement Agencies) to fix the prevailing predicament situation of Karachi which had held hostage the entire economy of the country.

There were several areas reported inaccessible for the LEAs, such no-go areas became a nightmare for the LEAs to penetrate during chaos in hostile areas, in the wake of the displayed handicap to operate in these areas made the Federal Government disperse special funds to the provincial government to buy these mini armored cars for the police.

These mini armored cars in essence smart cars and they will be able to enter the narrow streets of Karachi. These vehicles would be bullet and bombproof, and fitted with jammers and guns that could be operated from inside the cover of the metallic body.

Sources said that training would be required for driving-operating these vehicles and that training would be provided by the US-Pakistan cooperation for security enhancement in Pakistani towns and such training is an integral part of this cooperation.

The vehicles would ensure quick information delivery from police headquarters to the operators assigned duties on these vehicles outside the suspect streets of Karachi city.

The government is to import 50 of such armored mini cars to carry an all out offense against the terrorist disturbing the peace of the city at the cost of RS 5 billion.

The import of such cars displays the seriousness the government is taken to enable Sindh authorities to enter areas where the hideouts of the target killers and other terrorists remain inapproachable.

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Baber K. Khan

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  • good idea….
    this may help in controlling target killings in karachi…..