Mitsubishi Lancer 1.8 Turbo 2006 Owner’s Review

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This review is of the 1.8L Turbo variant of the Mitsubishi Lancer. This is a very limited model, and it is difficult for one in the market. The owner bought this car roughly two months ago, and this is 2012 import from Japan. This car cost the owner around PKR 1300,000, and he was also looking for a Honda Accord CL9. The owner found this unique car on, and he found this car in Islamabad. The owner is generally content with this car, and he thinks it has all the necessary features that a sedan of this type should have.


The headlamps and taillamps are both halogens. The halogen headlamps are smoked that gives the car a performance-oriented look. The previous owner has also installed coil overs in this car that does not come standard. The alloy rims are low-profile and blacked out that further enhances the sporty nature of this car. The exterior color is white that goes well with black rims. This car does not have a sunroof, whereas there was a local variant (GLX) that came with a sunroof.  The exterior design language is not very polarizing and has many soft edges. Both the door handles and the side-view mirrors are body-colored. The owner has also installed side skirts and a front lip to give the car a low profile and sporty look. The body parts are similar to those of the locally-manufactured Lancer. Therefore, their prices are low, and availability is high.


Certain parts of the interior in this car are hydro dipped, especially the center part of the dashboard. This gives a sporty look to the interior. The seat upholstery material is a fabric which is good for hot summer months in Pakistan. The floor bed is not flat at the rear, and there is a small bulge that can make the middle passenger a bit uncomfortable. Other interior features include power windows, power steering, power mirrors, and retractable mirrors (not present in local models). The boot space is similar to that of the local variants. The performance of the air conditioning unit is optimal and suits the summer months best. Moreover, the air conditioning unit is manual. The sound-proofing in this car is better than that offered in the local cars. This car does not have an infotainment screen and has an old-fashioned audio unit adjusted into the dashboard.


The engine that comes with this sedan is turbocharged petrol 1800cc GDI engine. This comes in Lancer GSR, and it is the same engine that comes in Mitsubishi Galant. Most of the Lancers that came from Japan had a 1500cc engine. The locally-manufactured ones had either 1300cc or 1600cc engines. On aggressive driving, the owner gets around 7 to 8 km/l with this car in the city. Spare parts for this car are readily available; however, the prices are a little high. The previous owner changed its fuel pump for PKR 25,000. Spare parts are expensive since this is a rare and unique car.

If you are doing routine maintenance and care for the car, it does not create much trouble. The owner changes engine oil after 3,000 km. It has a 4-speed Tiptronic transmission and a sports mode to provide you a boost of power when you need it. The speedometer in this car is limited to 180 km/h. Recommended Shell engine oil in this car is HX5 10W-40. One known fault in this car is that carbon builds up in the valves of the engine. This affects the performance and life of the engine in the long run. This car does 0 to 100 km/h in around 7.5 seconds, which is good for a car of this type.

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Comfort and Handling 

The seat comfort of this car is also good because the seat cushion is soft. The leg space at the front is optimal for both the driver and the passenger. The legroom at the rear is also optimal. Even after getting coil overs, this car is fairly comfortable in daily commutes. The suspension is fairly soft over bumps, and the ground clearance is also optimal for Pakistani roads. However, the front extended lip of this car can rub off the ramp of the garage at times.  At speeds, the stability and handling of this car are fairly good.


There are two airbags: one for the driver and one for the front passenger. Other safety features include Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), which is only present in the imported Japanese models and not the ones that are locally-manufactured. The performance of brakes is optimal due to the presence of ABS.


This is a car that is loved by driving enthusiasts, and not everyone buys this car. Therefore, the resale market is not as active as that of other popular sedans like Corolla and City.  However, since the prices of new cars have been increased manifold, cars like these are now in the budget of a normal citizen. If you think you can take care of this car and can afford a bit expensive spare parts, then this can be your ride as it provides comfort and optimal performance for a daily commute.

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