Mountain Dew is all set to go EXTREME

Taking forward the brand tagline “Darr ke agay jeet hai” , which depicts thrill and daring, Mountain Dew has never failed to surprise audience with its adventurous campaigns.

Recently, our timelines are flooded with Black and Neon helmets and Mountain Dew is giving away those helmets to the bikers in various cities. This has left everyone curious about what’s to come next. According to many ideas, it could be a stunt show, something similar to the Stunt Biking campaign that the brand organized back in 2015, where the stunt performers came from different countries and showed breathtaking performances in major cities of Pakistan.


Once again, the brand is all set to bring something exciting and thrilling at the same time, but what it could be, that’s a surprise.




Previously, with Cholistan Rally experience in Lahore, this time too the world is sure to witness something EXTREME!

If you’ve missed, here’s the teaser:

So, who wants to grab these Black and Neon beauties? Comment below and let us know what you think Dew is up to!


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