Mud Tires – All you need to know

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We have been frequently writing blogs on tires to enlighten our readers about different aspects of tires, such as how many types of tires are there or different types of tire wear. Moreover, after an equal interval of times, we also give tips which could help automobile users to enhance the lives of their car tires. In the previous blog, we discussed about low-profile tires and their pros and cons. Now we will be discussing Mud tires and their pros and cons. Hope, it will help you guys in understating the mud tires much better.

What are mud tires?

There are many types of off-road tires being manufactured in the world right now; one of them is the mud tires. The tires are developed to run smoothly in muddy and rocky terrains. In Pakistan, if you are rally racer and loves to drive on such tracks you should opt for mud tires, as they will perform better in those terrains. Furthermore, they also provide excellent grip on sandy and snowy tracks as well.

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  • The mud tires perform better in mud terrain; even better than all-terrain tires
  • Provide good grip on muddy, rocky, snowy and gravel terrains
  • Designed with deep tread pattern, which helps mud tires to run and grip much easy
  • Mud tires don’t puncture easily
  • Wear out slowly if only used in recommended terrains


  • Wears out quickly if used on paved roads
  • Costlier than other off-road tires
  • Due to high rolling resistance, they put more pressure on engine which results in more fuel consumption than all-terrain tires
  • Make harsh noises if they are used on a concrete road or paved paths

That’s it from our side if you guys have any pros and cons regarding mud tires do tell in the comments section below.

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