New Toyota Corolla buyer given a defective car by Indus Motors’ Islamabad Stealership

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If you give us the opportunity to define the Pakistani working class stereotype, Corolla would fit into that equation on so many occasions that you’d be left baffled. It is a part of the success story of many Pakistanis who had humble beginnings and worked towards achieving the goals: BV, Bachay, Corolla and Ghar. And that’s that!

But in a predicament economy of Pakistan, it takes more than just hard work and effort to accomplish those ambitions and once reached, your kids are already in school and your life is monotonous but you’re now patient and calculated in your decisions, the excitement and passion is there alright but not in the way it would’ve been when you began your career. So you’d expect a certain level of treatment as you walk towards fulfilling of those dreams. A brand new Toyota Corolla.

Here’s the story of Nabeel Rehman, whose treatment by Toyota Islamabad Motors (Aabpara), embarrassed the brand of Toyota. How? Well Toyota in Pakistan wants customers to buy cars from them in a way, that you’re buying a second hand car from a used car bazaar in North Karachi. That’s what the “Stealership” said to Mr. Nabeel, “You should’ve inspected the car before taking delivery”. The days leading up to the delivery of your new car are filled with excitement and emotions, you treat that day as a celebration, an event on its own for which you have saved and worked all your life.

The feeling of buying a new car cannot be compared to that of the hassle of buying a used car. Mr. Nabeel had the same level of excitement for that fateful day as he got ready and went to Toyota Islamabad Motors to take delivery of his brand new Corolla. Once the documentation was completed and paperwork out of the way, it was time to take the car home.

However, things weren’t going to go so smoothly yet. Mr. Nabeel didn’t realize that he had to maintain the same level of vigilance he must exhibit when buying a used car because; when the dealership official took him to his destined car, Nabeel noticed difference in the alignment of the trunk. Regardless, Nabeel pointed it out to the dealership guy to the problem and he duly noted and took the car back in to have it sit properly. Still, even after paying ridiculous amounts of money, you have to get it fixed in front of you. Kind of like the used car buying experience, isn’t it?

He then signed on the delivery papers, and took the car home as everything felt fine until the next morning when in bright sun light, he saw a dent on the hood of the car. At first Nabeel thought that something external dropped on the hood and caused the dent but upon deeper inspection, it appeared to be a manufacturing fault. The curvature line of the hood was not aligned properly, it was in fact a finishing issue of the hood.

Utilizing the sun light, Nabeel looked around the car like you would look on a used car for more possible issues. He noticed that there were marks and scratches on the left headlamp and a cut which felt if it was given through a machine. The word machined was used because the cut was a straight line without an impact pattern on the rupture you usually get when you hit a pebble or something.


The very next day, Nabeel took the car back to Toyota Islamabad Motors who accepted that the hood issue was a manufacturing fault and offered to repair it rather than replacing the hood. At this instance, anyone would’ve gone mad. We bought a new car, the decent thing from Toyota’s end would be to replace the hood but Toyota was adamant to have it repaired and after exhausting all his resources, the ‘Stealership’ said that they will repair the hood dent but why would anyone repair something on he bought brand new. And the defect isn’t even his fault. So Nabeel said no to repair and insisted that they replace, both the headlamp and the hood.

To make things worse, they did not acknowledge the mark on the light and kept on blaming Nabeel. They said that he should not have accepted the car in the first place, which is when he tried explaining them that it is literally impossible to check a new car thoroughly and it should be the responsibility of the company to ensure Pre-Delivery Inspection as new car buyers trust the brand name of Toyota and sign the delivery but now; he blames himself for not inspecting the car like he was buying a used Corolla.

We have attached pictures as well, as you can see, no one can spot the hood defect and the scratch on the light for further away;

but when you take a closer look, you can see them very well there.

IMG-20150116-WA0004 IMG-20150116-WA0003IMG-20150116-WA0001

Click on the thumbs to enlarge.

Nabeel also said that the car was driven 87 km but we inquired with our friends in the auto industry who said that 100 km is usually due to the testing which goes into the vehicle before delivery and friends within the Indus Motors Company, unbeknownst to this report, said that 100 to 150 km is on the odometer usually on Corollas when being delivered.

However, they did tell him to write an email to them and after which, they will resolve the issue but it was just a way to waste his time and make him bored of the enduring process. There was no solution, no reply. He even registered a complaint with Indus Motor Company on November 21, 2014 and to this day, he calls them up to follow up on his complaints written through their customer service number. Indus Motor Company’s “Voice of Customers” is just marketing gibberish as all he heard was lame excuses from the company. And even later visits to the dealership resulted in a cold shoulder.

When Nabeel went for the first inspection to Toyota Islamabad Motors and inquired about his complaint, the dealership said that they sent an email to Indus Motors who has replied to it, but they are not telling him. And for him to know IMC’s response, he should email Indus Motors requesting to know about what had happened to his hood and headlamp issue on his own. The dealership wouldn’t even tell him about his own complaint and asked him to go ask Indus Motors on his complaint.

Nabeel kept following up with Indus Motors and it has been about three months, the dent on the hood and the scratch on the headlamp are still there. Though he has insurance and can get the light replaced but why should a person compromise for something he saved for and then spent, knowing it is brand new. It’s a question about a company’s sincerity to its customers.

This is in no way an article to bash Toyota, but as we said earlier, Toyota just embarrassed themselves by what, just avoiding to replace a bruised headlamp which costs about 10,000 rupees and a hood? Customers come first and we’ll always side with the consumers as there is no body like the NHTSA of the US to protect the consumers’ right in Pakistan.

This would be the last Toyota for not just Nabeel but many more of his acquaintances as well who witnessed the level of commitment, communication, and customer service delivered by Toyota.

A copy of Nabeel’s actual sales invoice for reference
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  1. yasirhaleem says

    i like the picture “buy at your risk”, this happened only in Pakistan 🙂 same thing happened to me when i purchased brand new Mitsubishi AC … its been two years now, i still regret why i did’t checked every part … how i can check i’m not mechanic … i paid the full price … and in return i should get brand new thing .. how much Mr. Nabeel will be frustrated and feel insulted i can understand 🙁

  2. Saad R. says

    I guess it’s time to name and shame Toyota Indus publicly.

  3. AG says

    Baber Kaleem, please ask Nabeel to contact me on [email protected]. I may have few tips to get this issue resolved. I got my whole unit replaced (that is whole new car) few weeks ago as I found paint issues during delivery.

  4. Mujtaba Asghar says

    Nabeel should SUE the company in Consumer Court.

  5. Faizan Ali Haider says

    I was in Toyota G6 Islamabad for maintenance of my car. I saw first hand how they were repairing the door of a brand new GLi which was awaiting delivery to a customer.

  6. Omer Siraj says

    Write to Toyota Japan then see how Indus comes begging n will actually replace the defective parts. Toyota Japan takes these things very seriously.

  7. Usman Saleem says

    he sould go to
    Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan

  8. Saad R. says

    Also hate the fact how all these 3S dealers get delivery papers signed BEFORE you actually inspect the car as part of ‘saving time’. When I told Honda Point that why should I sign before you deliver the car to me they said “Sir aap ki achi tarah tusalli kerwain gay, befikar ho jain, hum hazir”. Turns out once I left for home with the car I noticed the dashboard had a clip broken therefore it was moving and wasn’t fixed. Went back to them the next day to get it fixed under warranty, they had a half hour discussion (GM Parts and Operations) after which they said “We cant replace it as in that case Honda Point will have to pay for the part, you should have checked it thoroughly before leaving the showroom”.

  9. Saad R. says

    dude I’m sure Toyota will find a way to blame the dents on the customer

  10. Baber says

    Email me if you can with pics. editorial (at) pakeventures (dot) com

    As it seems, it is not just Toyota, in fact every automaker in this country has treated their customers similarly. We’re going to compile the comments from here and reiterate the need of an autonomous body to take care of the people of Pakistan and protect their rights.

  11. abbas says

    I have similar experience with corolla. Let me share my story in short. I purchase corolla Gli LE in April 2014 & its luggage trunk was asymmetrically fitted. I noticed it quite after some time. Within first month of purchase, lock of luggage went out of order. When contacted the Stealership (I am using the same word as it sounds good), they told me that body parts and electronic fittings are not included in warranty. Warranty is only valid for engine parts. After some discussion with stealership officials, they offered that will replace the lock worth Rs. 600/-. I suspected that this low-price component would not be genuine, i refused. A person at stealership, asked me to report that matter to Toyota-Indus and i followed the suit. However, thanks to Toyota-Indus, they took serious notice of the issue & replied to my email. Next morning (after I sent email to Toyota-Indus), I received phone call from Stealership, to replace the lock free of cost (genuine one) & they did it wih. I am still facing another issue, while engine is running after warm up, gearbox of the car gives a different sound. I contacted the Stealership, mechanic sprayed WD40 in it, sound vanished. After few days, problem arouse again. Mechanic told me that we have of open gearbox and grease it thoroughly. I am afraid of getting this done in a new car (driven only 24000 km so far). Anyone having knowledge of it, can advise/guide me. I have decided now, not to buy corolla again, since my experience with Honda was pleasant and satisfactory.

  12. Adnan Khan says

    First of All , credit to Mr. Kaleem Khan For bringing up this Shameful incident to the general Public.
    Mr. Nabeel Should use all necessary available Channels To Make this “STEALERSHIP” Recover his loss And fix his Car.
    I have A Toyota and i am a fan of Toyota But SHAME ON THEM.

  13. Sanaullah Malik says

    We got delivery of toyota altis tomorrow from Toyota central motors Karachi. I noticed today that its ash tray under the console box is missing.
    Same happened in 2012 to take delivery of alto at mandwiwala motors. There was rough paint on back door. Sales person asked me to come later and get repair. I refused to take delivery and at last they replaced door with another alto of same colour. At last it is always my practice to inspect brand new car body and parts as u r purchasing a new car.

  14. waqas says

    Same thing happens with me back in 2011 when I went to pick up my swift dlx. Paint on the back top around the top mount light had drops of paint in a sequence like they were freezed. A bad finishing paint job. And in inside car left pillar,,, plastic interior part which starts from the left corner of dash board and extend towards the roof, , was loose. They didn’t paid any heed initially, but when I refused to accept the car they fixed it half heartidly, and soon after I faced frowned angry faces around me who were waiting for me to leave as soon as possible. And that plastic thing still is in trouble.
    It’s true consumer rights are not protected. Nabeel should email on every email he can possibly get IMC and internationally.

  15. Hadi Hassan says

    I have also observed that tail lights of new Corolla (XLI & GLI models) are not aligned, not all but mostly units.

  16. Sohail Mukhtar says

    This is truly sad. I wish we can
    highlight it as much as we can, not just to help Mr. Nabeel but others as well.
    Before today, I would have never thought that we can face problem like this
    while getting a brand new car. Thanks for sharing your experience for others to
    be cautious. I wish that may your issue gets resolved. IN SHA ALLAH.

  17. Ahmed says

    Write straight to toyota japan or call them. It has worked before.

  18. Nabeel Rehman says

    Thanks in advance for showing me the next step bro! (Y)

  19. Mian Mohsin Saeed says

    Can any one of u plz give me the contact number of Mr. Nabeel.
    Mr. Nabeel if u are there plz contact me at [email protected]

  20. Omar Shebih says

    Reading all the comments here of different people,who got ripped off the luxury of buying a brand new vehicle from a certified company showroom with no room of doubt about the authenticity and originality of the car and it’s parts, reminds me of my funny little incident that happened when I went to Toyota central motors (one of the biggest Toyota showrooms in karachi). Upon the delivery of my car GLI corolla 2013 model,I inspected the car and nothing seemed to be the problem until I went home and on my innocence,just decided to open the trunk of the car via the lever under the driving seat,It failed to open the trunk and felt somewhat “free” and totally disconnected from the car. It felt as if it was just for show and nothing more.I took the car back to the showroom and upon my complaint,a representative came and checked the lever and somehow managed to make it “temporarily” work,”a jugaari kaam” to be precise, I went back and after a few days again the lever became free and disconnected but I was too dejected to take it back to the showroom and had accepted the fault as it is. It was all until I went back to the showroom 2-3 months later for the insurance paperwork that I mentioned a problem with the lever to this certain person in the body and paint department. He was so cooperative ,professional and most helpful in the whole of that Toyota dealership. He made it a priority to get that fixed when I left my car with him for some paperwork. I recommend him,if any of you guys ever have to visit Toyota central motors karachi,for a paint job,insurance job or for repair to external and internal damage to the body of the car. I forgot his name but he can be found in the body and paint department, a man with a rather slim structure sporting a mustache,clean shaved.

  21. syed says

    same thing happened to me also on 10 NOV 2014 ( a dent on hood ) but Alhamdulillah me n my friends thoroughly checked the inner n outer of the vehicle. n found a minor dent on hood. I straightly refused to take the vehicle and urged to replace this car with new one. Thanks to Allah it worked and they changed the hood in front of us. Never believe on pak made new vehicles as ( 0-meter vehicle ) always inspect the new vehicle as we inspect used one. One thing more whenever u go to any dealership of any company. never miss to visit their service/workshop area. You will find something terrible that they are repairing or re-painting 0-meter vehicles. These are the vehicles which are not yet sold.

  22. Usman Burki says

    Complain straight to japan, indus motors destorying toyotas rep here in pakistan, that should teach em a lesson ! im sure this is one of those toyotas which were destroyed in one of the highway accidents few months ago during delivery… pathetic.

  23. Munaf Razzak says

    Same thing happened to me which was my 1st and only local manufactured car we have ever bought we bought Honda city in 2005 manual transmission we placed the order back then in november 2004 we ordered 2 cars exactly same only different colors one in charcoal grey and other in black witch was my cousins they told us that the cars will be giving to you in end of feb 2005 black one did came in by the end of the feb not the grey one it came 3 months late in the month of MAY my dad bought that car for me when I checked the car it had a small scratch on the side of the back bumper they called the guy from body shop and did a jugaar kalam paint and fixed it the car had 14 km on the meter with I picked it and after it crossed 100 it started giving mechanical issues gears box was defected it won’t shift from 2nd to 3rd it grinds the gears like u r not pressing the clutch correctly only way to get in 3rd gear from 2nd was go from 2nd to 4th and then downshift to 3rd and it will work car went back 4 times to honda dealership and they do some jugaar works for 100 to 150 km then same issue cames back then I went to honda defence in karachi and gone mad on them about this and the told me that U have to replace the gearbox completely and pay for it as U have driven it only mechanical parts of the engine r on warranty not the gear box because user can damage it on purpose the refused I told them to fix it temporarily they did the same old jugaar on it fixed it like they did it before I contacted my friend whos uncle had a showroom at khalid bin waleed road took the car straight from honda dealership and they sold the car for me the next day when I sold it the car didn’t even crossed 1000 km mark sold it on like 800 something and bought A vitz 2002 model which was time when ppl started importing cars from japan in 2005 may june days and im happy to report that car is still in my little brothers hands on petrol no cng and working perfectly from day one local cars R the worst cars u can buy the r made cheap and warranty is just a name of formality placeing an order paying in advance and getting the diffected product in simple words mitti ya sona jo hai apka

  24. Munaf Razzak says

    ager pakistan mein SUE kar sakte to har dusra banda SUE howa ghoom raha hota or rahi baat court ki to aik mamuli sa case kitne saal chalta hai jab tak faisla ayega banda zinda hoga bhi ya nai pata nai

  25. waqas says

    when ever i buy a car i even check the underside litteraly getting on my knees itx pakistan you have to be carefull

  26. tariq kamal abbasi says

    i have purchased .many problums there.diggi lock is out of date . external surround smell when we drive i dont know where side come in side.i discussed islamabad toypta compny abpara .no sufficent answer give the appointed toyota officer. anaree machancs r there. what can i do

  27. Adnan Khan says

    The issue is that in Pakistan, the big 3 (Toyota, Honda and Suzuki) have a government enforced monopoly. This they use to 1) produce shoddy cars and 2) sell them at exhorbitant price. This is a classic problem of lack of competetion

    For e.g. a Honda Civic or Toyotal Corolla costs around 10 lac rupee more than a similarly equipped car in the US and at much poorer quality. A Suzuki costs around 5 lac more than an Indian one – Pakistan Suzuki is still making 5+ year old designs so there is even more value lost.

    I have a Japanese car that I bought 2 years ago (so it was 5 y old at the time and is 7 y old now). Its more solid than my Toyota Corolla of 3 years ago which has already lost its seat belts and the rest of the parts are really “chhilka”. The Civic Oriel that our office just bought has really flimsy handles and knobs and its stereo is from the 1990s (no USB!), and speakers that are so poor that you can buy these on the street for around 1000.

    The point is that protecting these companies is not helping the country. We loose around Rs. 100-150 billion in consumer surplus and poor quality and there is no way we create that many jobs to offset these losses. Its time to give the consumers a break by abolishing import tarrifs and resistance to new factories.

  28. Kashif says

    Email Toyota’s Japan hq they will get this fixed… Local won’t do much till Japan tells them

  29. Shuja Ur Rehman says

    I got my 2009 civic’s oil mounting replaced twice.
    Dealership dint help with the 2nd one but honda atlas got it for me at dealership in 3 days after i have sent the email.
    I got both replaced free of charge.

  30. Younas Dar says

    start a twitter trend “shame on indus motors pakistan” will work

  31. sunny says

    Instead of cursing toyota he should have sued indus moters with some kind of big compensation amount + replacement in consumer court. I had a similar kind of issue with my swift and i sued pak sazuki for malfunctioning power windows and a fuel pump. I sought relief of 200000 and repairing of issues. The issue was framed in court and sazuki offered me 50k + repair. I accepted that offer and lived happily after.

  32. saad says

    shame on them
    Toyota Pakistan is now shit but we should now inspect the car

  33. Mujib Usmani says

    I got my corolla in 2011 with small sent on driver side back door. My bad I didn’t checked it properly at the time of delivery. In 2014 when i received mehran it was full of problems doors were not aligned, rain water coming from back door, water on floor when u drive on wet road, trunk problem and the owner was telling me the stories that we should thankful to suzuki who is selling here (they are running on generator, duties are changes every day bla bla bla)

  34. Guest says

    what is the procedure to do that.U hired lower. Can u xplain it

  35. Nabeel Rehman says

    What is the procedure to do that.Do u hire a lawyer

  36. Umar Rahman says

    I’ve known and worked very closely with IMC management who are thorough professionals and very prompt in responses with quality service standards

    In bulk issues do arise but are not to be condoned. There have been past incidents where massive transits have resulted in minor damages.

    My institution alone does more 160 corolla sales per month and we have a very strong and satisfied customer base which is 33% of our portfolio. IMC team us always a call or email away to facilitate

    This is a regrettable state n the respective 3S should have been more respective in handling the situation rather than infuriating the customer.

    I m sure dealership would be reprimanded and customer compensated. I will personally escalate this case to them to seek proper response

  37. Hassan Imtiaz says

    Shouldn’t he just sue them

  38. akhtar ali says

    Mr.Nabeel plz make a page on Facebook by which we can raise our voice. We will follow you. and we are with you. this should not happen any more with any one else. The only way left. and social media source and voice is very powerful sooner or later electronic media will definitely support us. just introduce your that FB page here in this blog. i also called in IMC but nothing has happened.

  39. Guy Chauhan says

    This country has one mistake. people. this is not just toyota this is happening in almost every sector. we buy new things like used one coz you never know if its defected and they’ll do justice. had gone through same experience with suzuki gs 150. i know your pain buddy. but yours is much more.

  40. Humza Chishty says

    I bought an altis m/t last year from toyota Walton motors lahore. On a huge bill board outside the show room it said altis m/t 6 speed has eco mode, on literally evry print advertisement they had stated altis m/t has eco mode, but guess what… it didn’t… i asked the showroom guys and they didn’t even know whether altis has eco mode or not. I know not eco mode isn’t a decision changing feature, my emphasis was on the false advertisement and poor service…

  41. Hamoon Rashid says

    what is he waiting for?Please take them to Consumer Court?I bet you will get speedy justice.

  42. Rashad Siddiqi says

    Nabeel must send an eMail to Toyota Motors Japan with all the correspondence attached as evidence.
    I bet the country manager of Toyota Indus will contact him personally within 10 days. Thats the only way these people can be handled.
    There is no use going to courts. Our judiciary will give him a hearing date of 2017 😉

  43. Saeed says

    I have also some story about the same dealer.I booked car rather my bank booked a car for and they promised to deliver the same in 1st week of Jan2015.When I visited them for delivery I was told that your order has not yet been booked and the pay order was lying with them.What happened and what was done is a long story.

  44. shiraz says

    Same thing happend with me on brand new honda city 2014. Left fender and head light pressing each other and makes sound on rough road which i noticed a week later. I got a repair on brand new car. what a country.

  45. CarSociable says

    Pakistan needs “Lemon Laws” like the US. First of all the all these should have been caught during the Predelivery Inspection often referred as PDI. Not only the dealership but also the manufacturer should take this vehicle back immediately as they have already acknowledge factory fault. Bravo to the blogger for bringing this to light.

  46. NK says

    Why one would buy a Pakistani Corolla when Prius is available on the same price with awesome options. Pakistani manufacturers are robing us by providing substandard vehicles. I remember some time back people were cursing Suzuki for their build quality as it was found that the body panels were made of Ghee tins. This corolla may look good from outside but inside it is quite cheap. My 2006 Vitz look much better then this and tel you what after driving it for almost 4 years it is still a zipper and I can challenge any Corolla on the road whenever I feel like it.

  47. Usman Ahmed says

    Ali Jan Motors Lahore, gave me a brand new swift with a re-painted bumper. I only noticed it when i flashed the lights of my other on its bumper

  48. akhtar ali says

    actually why people go for Pak made vehicles the only reason is this. 1. Good resale value. 2. spare parts availability,and affordability. 3, Low in Token Tax. 4. costs lower to register than japan made. 5. machanic available everywhere. our GOV does not want to give luxurious vehicle of japan in Pakistan in cheaper rates. prius registration cost is 160000+ and annual token tax is near 30thousand which may be raised without any prior notice. we all like to buy japan made cars but no machanic available for it. no spare parts available here. mostly people buy parts from dubai. but a common man can not buy from dubai. This is all called monopoly of GOV. without GOV support Toyota,Honda,Suzuki stupid car makers cannot do this stupidity.

  49. Baber says

    We have not cursed Toyota. PakWheels is an automotive website, and it is our responsibility to report on matters that affect the customers and play the role of a pressure (check and balance) group. Just like current affairs media outlets report on politics, fraud, general things, etc. Toyota Indus has always been a great sponsor to PakWheels, yet, we report and they never call to take such posts down or do they play on other pressure tactics, which we appreciate of them as personally, we would prefer to loose a sponsor but we won’t loose our voice.
    The reason we report such incidents here as you can see, this is not a lone incident. Neither it is restricted to just one company. Everyone had faced such issues and the point of this article is to rather pressure the government into creating an institution such as the NHTSA of the US.

  50. shad says

    Sorry to hear that Mr. Nabeel. We all have been using Toyota Corolla for more than two decades now..
    Corolla is the best seller and means durability. Being a part of the manufacturing industry i know that it happens in some cases. It is the responsibility of the dealer to fix the fault, which is not a big one.
    Hope it is done soon.

  51. Ali says

    Nabeel Bhi, every thing you have faced. Go and ask a lawyer, submit a case in consumer court with good amount of money as settlement. And file this case against Toyota Dealership, court will summon them. And you will see then they will be on your toes and asking to replace it.

    My brother done the same for a courier company who delivered the Cake after two days of birthday passed. And that was a WIN situation for us when he admitted and come for settlement to us.

    Please really go for it, as consumer court in Pakistan do protect consumer rights. I bet try this one.

  52. Arshad says

    Everyday I can see that how these new cars are being dealt at Tarnol and its surrounding areas near G.T Motors. What else they will do, nothing but just they will do a paint job and will hand it over to customer like. Rightly said by Mr. Ali, consult a lawyer. Go for it. And now we will have to do full inspection of new cars as purchasing old cars. :-

  53. Hassan says

    Nabeel Sb, do NOT hesitate a bit .. & drag em to consumer court.

  54. Raja Abrar Hussain says

    Often cars do get damaged while transporting, but dealers do replace the damaged part or do a smart repair where replacement is not possible, I have faced a similar issue with my Honda Accord, after 1 year of purchase I wanted to sell it & the buyer started arguing that a small portion of the rear fender is painted, when I checked with the Honda dealer they acknowledged that a smart repair was done to cover a small scratch.

    But what Toyota had done with Mr. Nabeel is just a shame for the Toyota, probably cause of Islamabad Motors.

  55. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    it was eco light. i remem those ads.

  56. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    new corolla doesn’t come with ashtray

  57. Sanaullah Malik says

    Dear, i m talking about ashtray for back seat passengers, which is under the back of console box. Hope you get it

  58. Saad Bin Qaisar says

    I am going through the same ordeal with Indus Motors and Toyota Capital. I upgraded from GLI Auto to 1.6 ALTIS and brochure shown to me in November showed NAV as option in 1.6 ALTIS and rest all of the ALTIS. Once the car arrived, it had N-Dash system but no maps for Navigation. Stealership asked to pay Rs.16500 extra for maps. They said it is required only in case of 1.6 Altis , rest all of them have complimentary maps with NAV feature, nowhere was it mentioned on brochure when shown to me for upgrade paying 150000 extra. I mailed/phoned Indus but all gibberish and trash since past 1.5 month. At last, I prepared a case for Federal Ombudsmen with all documents and proofs post consulting a lawyer. I told Indus to fix it by 20th Jan or I file the case on which I got a call from Toyota Capital that they are gona give me maps. In previous ten or so calls, they had simply refused. They have asked for one week time and let us see ‘iff’ they come up with it. They mentioned it to be a ‘good will’ gesture ‘only for me’! What about rest of the 1.6L consumers? Down in the trash-can?

  59. ABC says

    I couldnt agree more. Thats the way, consumers should know their rights. A third class company like Toyota Pakistan shouldnt be playing with customers money like that

  60. Imran says

    Dear Saad
    I am expecting Altis 1.6 next week; I am not sure if NAV- Maps will be there; it will be a company maintained car so I dont have an option to check at dealership; what should I check and how should I approach; do you have a copy of brochure on which I can make a claim for that ???; since you have gone a long way in addressing the issue; your help will be appreciated

  61. Saad Bin Qaisar says

    Dear Imran
    Kindly drop a line on my fb/linkedin when you get the car and I would share a scan.

  62. Saad Bin Qaisar says

    Btw, you may not be able to file on my brochure since it belongs to me only :). For this, you may need to ask your company to provide you one from the stealership.

  63. Junaid Abbas says

    The problem is not with the brand like TOYOTA, HONDA or SUZUKI, The problem starts from where we get the car. After reading all this, One blames the company, NO DOUBT that the showrooms in Pakistan represent these companies but its their negligence , Not of the COMPANY. Just buy the same thing outside of Pakistan and everything will be according to standard

  64. Tehseen says

    In this particular case, IMC should have been sued and Toyota Aabpara must have been Sealed. BUT in Pakistan, unfortunately we do not have such laws. Anyways, Toyota Aabpara Motor is also famous for selling Fake Parts as Toyota Genuine Parts. I only recommend Toyota Capital Motors in Islamabad for buying of Toyotas & their maintenance. Toyota Aabpara & Rawal are worst in Twin Cities.

  65. Zubair Hashmi says

    Exactly a similar incident happened with me at Toyota Abparra in 2010. I purchased a Corolla GLi 2010 from already booked by paying oon. On time of delivery, TOYOTA were making unnecessary delays. Finally I managed to visit their roof top repair areas to find out a technician rubbing the hood. I took the delivery and on arriving home , I found out hood had been repainted. I took car back to Toyota. They accepted their fault but did not accepted my claim since car was not booked by me. How ever I managed to return the car to seller and got my money back.

  66. Akhtar Mir says

    Its very considerate of Pak Wheels to bring such issues. I tis not IndusMotors but Suzuki and Honda manufacturers who ironically enjoy a monopoly in Pakistan on brand new cars have the same attitude. First of all The terms and conditions of Sale must be in written document. Secondly the dealers are also dishonest and do not even comply with the Company for after sales services and warranty issues. Unfortunately there is no Consumer protection organisation. The dealers are greedy and are only interested in cash sales and services paid in cash. They avoid any warranty issue because it takes some follow up, time in correspondence and follow up.Why in Pakistan one will do it. To earn a good reputation, service oriented dealership, customer friendly. These terms in their vocabulary. NO, NO. Make a fast buck by selling on “ON” and find a next idiot customer. Toyota withdrew thousands of cars in US ,Europe, Australia even in some developed Asian countries like Malaysia due to defect in electronic accelerator introduced in Indus Motors Corollas in 2011. I had bought one also in 2011. Have you heard one car retrieved bu INDUS Motors in Pakistan. The reason was the accelerator was getting stuck while in motion and caused several deaths reported.God knows how many died in Pakistan but it was never noticed or attributed to reckless driving and faulty road conditions.
    Pak wheels must initiate a dialogue on Car Owners organization like the organisations in developing world of China, India , Hong Kong & others.

  67. Akhtar Mir says

    Agreed, cannot get any thing from these consumer courts, ombudsman, or any other source asking justice in Pakistan. Lets open up on social media and highlight this problem at least for car owners of Pakistani brands.It is our fundamental right to get a reasonable after sales service for country’s products. Cars to start with.

  68. Imran says

    Thanks Saad for your response; I am not very good with these FB etc; following is my email add ([email protected]); please send the scan copy of brochure if possible; I plan it to give it to the comapny to followup from Indus; I suppose Indus dont want to be in bad books of Corporate clients; my assumption

  69. Ubaidullah says

    How about WHITE SPOTS on then entire BLACK Corolla!!!! And they said its the metallic component of the black paint hahahahah…. but the son of @$#$%#$% didn’t do jack about it except used petrol and thinners to remove it in 2 days time!!! BTW I got that car after 6 months of booking

    One more..How about a repaired side door with 19/20 difference in paint … jack [email protected]@@

    Media should DEEP fry them, that the solution

  70. Rayhaan Khan says

    The writer of above review is loaded with prejudice. You guys value cars too much because our initial generation mostly were poor and contemporary generation is new towards trend of buying brand new cars. My point is simple, cars are just another category of a PRODUCT manufactured by an industry. After manufacturing these are transported to the showrooms and stored in the parking area around showrooms exposed to walking pedestrians/ traffic and therefore prone to getting dents or scratches. In such cases the showroom reps get the car repaired in the available showroom workshop which can never meet original specifications. It can happen to any brand whether Toyota, Honda etc and there are many examples in this regard as well. Therefore buyers are expected to check the product or car which they are buying as a common sense before accepting the same or signing the delivery document.

    “Pakwheels writers are just like lollypop kids who view things superficially and in the kids perspective not considering professional marketing dynamics. This review is just a waste of time.”

  71. Zafar Rehman says

    I had the similar issues back in 2009 with the same dealership. Their degrading replies to my complaint made me furious. I finally approached Toyota Japan’s CR division to have my matter resolved on their email address given below:

    [email protected]

    I suggest Mr. Nabeel should do the same

  72. Ali_Amjad says

    @rayhaankhan:disqus as written in the article and also claimed by the dealer, this was not a dent caused by pedestrians or traffic, it is a manufacturing fault and any company, whose product is worth millions should replace the faulty parts. Moreover, a company like Toyota should have a strong Quality Control department which should ensure a quality product
    Okay, lets take your scenario in which you said the car got damage in the parking lot.
    1. I don’t think parking lots are exposed to general public & traffic, even if they are, then it is an issue at the company’s end and they should make sure the buyer gets a flawless product
    2. secondly, there is a trust on the brand name. Honda & Toyota and big names and one trust that their product would meet certain quality requirements. But unfortunately in our country we dont get our money’s worth

  73. Jabbar Basim says

    Are you an employee of Toyota Islamabad Motors or are you paid to post this comment? What you are saying is essentially that despite paying 2 million rupees one should not expect a brand new thing. Do you normally talk this stupid or something hit you in the head?

  74. Ali_Amjad says

    as written in the article and also claimed by the dealer, this was not a dent caused by pedestrians or traffic, it is a manufacturing fault and any company, whose product is worth millions should replace the faulty parts. Moreover, a company like Toyota should have a strong Quality Control department which should ensure a quality product
    Okay, lets take your scenario in which you said the car got damage in the parking lot.
    1. I don’t think parking lots are exposed to general public & traffic, even if they are, then it is an issue at the company’s end and they should make sure the buyer gets a flawless product
    2. secondly, there is a trust on the brand name. Honda & Toyota and big names and one trust that their product would meet certain quality requirements. But unfortunately in our country we dont get our money’s worth

  75. Ali_Amjad says

    @disqus_Gftom7HiOO:disqus file a case against them in consumer code

  76. Farooq says

    Dam Corolla and these dealerships…..

  77. Kashan Ahmad says

    The same bldy dealership gave me my corolla 2012 without silicon in the back windscreen. Though they repaired it later, after my car’s carpet was ruined during rain (that’s when I found out that it’s leaking).
    I would NEVER EVER buy a Toyota again. Bad production quality, worse service. It’s not even worth arguing with these a*holes working at dealerships.

  78. Fawad says

    Basically Toyota an other japanese companies representing in pakistan are “BASTERD”. Japanese also become harami in this envoirnment. .

  79. Raheel says

    So the showroom owner will park the car on a highway & the buyer will be checking the new car for repairs etc……imagine a lasy coming to Toyota to buy a car ….this is the trust we have on Toyota

  80. Imran says

    Shame on you Toyota. You still don’t understand why buyers in Pakistan have started accepting imported used cars over your brand new ones. You simply try to sell shit. If you don’t believe, try selling these cars from Pakistan in Europe or Americas. Bunch of fools sitting in the company HQs.

  81. Rayaan Khan says

    You jack @ ss Jabbar Basim, its worth 2 million due to devaluation of Pakistani Rupee against dollar and yen. On the international front these cars are considered as economy cars. You are living in a poor nation and people having your mentality act like they have bought a mercedes or bmw when they are actually buying Civic or Corolla. Moreover quality standards decline when demand is too and production line is narrow. Go and do MBA first instead of eating lollypops and giving childish comments.

  82. Khurram says

    Rayaan, what I understand from your comments is that if one is paying for anything less than a BMW or Merc, then one should accept that getting any sub standard brand new product, for which full price was paid, is ok. I also understand that customer has no right to complain once the product delivery has been taken. Please enlighten me as to which MBA Marketing course teaches this kind of crap? Please also do me a favor and let me know the name of the University which has given you an MBA degree so I will ensure that I never hire any MBA from there for my company.

  83. Jabbar Basim says

    If doing an MBA makes a person talk like you, I feel sorry for all the MBAs out there. I think you have a superiority complex. You look like the kind who do not work hard in their lives, spend their daddy’s money to do their MBAs and buy cars. You do not know the value of hard earned money.

  84. Lazy Sapper says

    Nabeel must be suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder because he is too much concerned about a minor scratch on the head lamp. He should consult a psychiatrist immediately. Besides you people do not know how cars travel on trailers from Karachi to Islamabad. Road conditions are so pathetic one should pray that his car would come in one piece.

  85. Lazy Sapper says

    I agree. Writers at Pakwheels are shit loaded diaper kids. I never agreed with their view points.

  86. Lazzy RAPPER says

    Apparently its not Nabeel but you who is suffering from “Psychological projection” and need to visit a psychiatrist. It’s his right to have what he has paid for, a car in IMMACULATE condition.

    How TOYOTA manages the transportation of its vehicles, that is of course none of Nabeel’s or any other car buyer’s concern . TOYOTA charges a MAMMOTH amount, they should improve the way they transport their cars.

  87. Atif Hashaam says

    An excellent and honest write. Thank you Baber for being considerate and unbiased at the same time.
    I’d urge Pakwheels to have a separate reviews website as well. REVIEWS DO MATTER in today’s world. And PAKWHEELS must take this initiative.

    Here I will let Toyota get away, just one last time, and give it the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the staff at Toyota were just being lazy, and wanted to get rid of him. Or one of them were responsible for the fault and were trying to keep it to themselves etc, We all know we have no concept of CUSTOMER SERVICE in our beloved country.

    Did read on facebook that Toyota did eventually agree to replaced the hood and the light (enforces my claim that reviews do matter :P) TOO LITTLE TOO LATE, the damage has already been done.


  88. Zameer Ahmed says

    @Rayaan & Rayhaan
    I cannot believe that I am looking at something like this. I mean I heard that stupidity has no limits, but I’ve never seen a more befitting example than you.

    2 million Rs. are 2 million Rs. We don’t get paid in DOLLARS, so please no financial analysis here, that guy has spent his hard earned money, and deserves nothing less that what he has paid for.

    If you had an MBA then you may just know WHO INTRODUCED the JIT. Toyota may very well know what their constraints are, and are more than capable to overcome the NARROW PRODUCTION LINE vs HIGH DEMAND crap you presented.

    We as a Nation are a little more caring about our PRODUCTS, Yes! Not removing those seat covers, going to get a screen protector immediately after we buy a cell phone are all example of it.
    The Suppliers Need to accept the universal fact that its the demand that dictates the market, not what suppliers has to offer.

    Thank you for being a waste of time.

  89. Nabeel says

    Dear Jabbar! I appreciate you being rational, despite personal attacks. He’s got a mask, he stripped himself and show his naked, filthy self. You showed your dignified self :P~

  90. Baber says

    He is paying for a new car. You look over such things when you’re buying a used car. That’s quite a ridiculous statement.

  91. Lazy Sapper says

    No. That is not ridiculous statement. I won’t use a magnifying glass to find out a scratch on headlight cover of my brand new car. You live in a country where you should not expect perfection in everything. But that ding on bonnet definitely requires a denting work.

  92. Usman says

    I think u are not aware of what does a new car means ? new means new in all respects and that is what is being charged. or you must be representing apbara Toyota.

  93. Lazy Sapper says

    I got ripped by dealership myself. I tried to buy a certified used car. After buying, it turned out its entire assembly is replaced and running on different car ECU. And here people are paranoid about minor scratch. Seriously! Get a life.

  94. Maqsood Ali Khan says

    I have had a similar bad experience with Toyota GT Islamabad. I took delivery of a 2014 GLI Auto.On reaching Abbottabad I found the following faults which were confirmed by Toyota Abbott


    1 Door handles still Replace

    2 Ignition Key is hard to insert in doors and switch Replace

    3 Trunk door not closing softly Adjusted

    4 Trunk door alignment 1.2 cm above side fenders To be adjusted??

    5 Horn pad not working at spoke 3 To be corrected

    6 Over drive switch button cover missing To be provided

    7 Paint on Top of fuel tank pitted and very poor quality Replace/paint

  95. AwOz says

    Hello Mister! You certainly aven’t stepped foot outside of Pakistan and here you are talking to people doing a psychoanalysis of their personality. You sick freak. I live in Australia and have been an expat for the past 15 years. A basic Toyota Corolla (which is loaded with way more features aka keyless entry, reclinable seats, cruise control as a standard in all corollas and way more) costs almost $23000 = Rs 1,656,000 (Conversion rate $1= 75 Rupees). The car comes in perfect scratch less condition and with a 100,000 Km warranty. Shut you ass, eat your crap and burry yourself six feet under… for ignorance is a bliss. We should be standing up for the truth instead of supporting the wrong. A typical problem in our country, which has led to its corrupt status. HENCE PROVED!!!! P.S: I stress to the customer to approach Toyota Japan Directly and lodge a grievance (against the staff of Toyota Motors franchise where you purchased the car) and a complaint (about the issues with the car).

  96. Patriot says

    Hello Ubaidullah. I think I have the problem of white spots. what is it like? DO you have a picture?

  97. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Khan says

    Mostly Pakistani are corrupt,dishonest and work shirkers.I feel sympathy with Mr.Nabeel. in fact, it is the fault of pre delivery inspection department of Toyota Corolla.As a Pakistani,when our some product becomes famous,we at once become’ IBLEEES’.
    shame for TOYOTA COROLLA.

  98. Alpha Bravo says

    Why do u keep repeating the old articles? #Pakwheels

  99. Sohail akhtar says

    It’s true I had a worst experience than him in peshawar khyber motors

  100. Sohail akhtar says

    You’ll only realize when it’ll happens to you

  101. TWINCAM14 says

    No doubt..toyta deliveries are the worst. We took delivery of our corolla on Dec 15 from a DRIVER who works at the dealership (Gujranwala Toyota). Paint quality was pathetic. It had swirls marks and scratches all over. just wanted to get out of that dealership and get the car to a detailer. Delivery of a new car is the most important part in the entire sales process. But why would indus go that extra mile when they sell us overpriced, under equipped and low quality vehicles and we buy them anyways as new car options are very little compared to the rest of the world. Plus its a shit car.

  102. Adil Shams Ali says

    You should go to consumer court it is much effective nowadays☺️

  103. Moaz Malik says

    Wow that’s a horror story if I ever heard one. I’ve always considered the Corolla to be a total rip-off but this is a whole new level of scumbaggery. Everybody knows Pakistani assembled cars are light on features and way behind technologically compared to their international counterparts, but after decades in the market and hundreds of millions of cars sold you’d at least expect them to put the crap-boxes together properly.

  104. Alpha Bravo says

    Bro I’m talking about repetition of the article, not about the content

  105. Arsalan Ghauri says

    My family and I were extremely excited as we had booked Toyota Corolla Gli & after waitng for couple of months, it was now time of delivery. As soon as I saw the car I became disappointed. The rear lights were not alligbed properly. The gap from the left side trunk wasnt the same from the right side but that was negligible, still shaddering dreams of a customer who worked really hard as a Phd professor & acheived it on his retirement. Moreover, same was the case with the bonnet & it was quite noticable. After a week or so I went back to the dealership & they repaired it infront of me, although my car was in warranty & insured, I wanted to replace this manufacturing malfunctioning but received a very sold response. I bought the car from Toyota airport motors,Lahore & I felt that all they treat well is a customer with a Prado or a Land Cruiser.

  106. Syed Abdul Razak says

    Spot on!

  107. Syed Abdul Razak says

    Nobody pays an arm and leg for a flawed car…. no matter how major or trivial the fault

  108. Talal says

    Good job. You decided to reply to my comment after two years.

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