The all new Toyota Yaris is here!

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Behold the 4th Generation Yaris has made its debut and at first glance, we think its a very angry little car. Toyota has finally added some muscles to it, and this is probably the point where competitors should watch out. What’s new about this Yaris? Well, quite a lot, so buckle up before we talk about everything new this time.

New Styling:

The design of the new Yaris really grows on you the moment you look at it. Its contrasting roof and C-HR like rear instantly tell you that it’s a Toyota vehicle. Though this new hatchback doesn’t look that far off from Toyota Aygo. But it’s underneath where all the major changes are hidden. As with all new Toyota vehicles, this new Yaris had to be super rigid and safe.

Toyota claimed Yaris is “Engineered to be the world’s safest compact car.” And we totally believe them.

Platform & Dimensions:

Yaris is based on a new compact-car architecture by Toyota. This is an extension to the already present TNGA platform, which underpins the development of cars like Toyota Prius and all-new Toyota Corolla. Toyota did make various enhancements, though. As an outcome of this newer architecture, Yaris loses 5mm in length and gains 50mm in terms of wheelbase, width. This directly hints at better driving dynamics and comfort while cruising. This is particularly good once the sedan variant (Toyota Vios Sedan) comes out later next year. Sadly that means if Toyota Indus launches the Vios in Pakistan, that will be the older 3rd Gen model. Nothing to be surprised about.

Interior & Engines:

The interior of Yaris is full of pleasant surprises. Similar to the new Corolla Hatchback but a complete departure from anything else we have seen previously from Toyota. The passengers are treated with premium materials inside the cabin and Alcantara doors. Driver, on the other hand, enjoys a large main touchscreen. Surprisingly there is even a 10-inch head-up display. Probably the kind of interior where you can spend a lot of hours. Kudos to Toyota on this.

Moving on, Japan and few other markets will also get sportier, more expensive GS and GR models later down the road. As of now, there is an option of slightly tweaked 1.5L hybrid along with three-cylinder 1.5L and 1.0L engines. It won’t be a surprise if Toyota decides to stick with CVT for this model as well.

Final Thoughts:

Now, this might confuse a lot of people, but Yaris isn’t a completely different car than your regular Toyota Vitz. In fact, Toyota has been selling the 2nd and 3rd Gen Vitz in the European market under the Yaris nameplate. But that isn’t the issue here. Different regions, such as Indonesia and the US, enjoy a completely different model of Yaris. This seems to change this time. Toyota Japan will also sell the all-new Yaris alongside the Toyota Vitz. So maybe this time, Yaris will have its own unique identity after so many years.

(Yaris US Variant)

(Yaris South African/Indonesian Variant)

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  1. Grewal says

    Only in Dreams for Pakistanis…..

  2. Adnan Bukhari says

    Always PakWheels spreads wrong news about launch of new Toyota Car. Firstly, they said that they are launching Sedan Vios. Then, they said that they are launching Toyata Vios with the name of Toyota Yaris (sedan). Now, they come up with this Yaris model that vanishes all hopes of a new sedan car launch. I don’t know if this is true. Pak wheels is losing credibility.

  3. abdul latif says

    I am not here to defend pakwheels but i can’t see where it says that this car is being launched in pakistan it only shares the news of the launch of the car in world if i am wrong please correct me

  4. Awais Yousaf says

    yes sir you are right this was an information article and not claiming its launch in Pakistan in anyway. Pakwheels always covers the launch of new cars in Pakistan in a special way and state “This car is being launched in Pakistan”. However some readers criticize for sharing international news.

  5. abdul latif says

    I live in uk and read pakwheels for information and in a way keep in touch with my roots i can understand people can be critical but unjustified criticism is not necessary. Keep up the good work

  6. Nadeem says

    There are over 3k pieces of unsold corollas. Toyota therefore, has no plans to either upgrade existing models or bring new ones in Pakistan till this stock decreases reasonably.

  7. Muhammad Aadrash Ali says

    Pakwheels is not playing any role in Pakistan, by just managing events and selling parts and cars, we expect more from you guys. Thy should have some kind of community which should resist Gov. and auto assembles in Pakistan to go with international standards, like in Quality, features and safety. but unfortunately this mafia is not going slow.
    Moreover, just because of Dollar and prices change, this mafia is in limits now. Previously all money makers used to book vehicles for an investment purpose and selling them in Black with additional commission, and just because of this Auto Assemblers were in profit and with Zero Quality and Safety.
    Please Please Please… just review it and do something positive other than giving information which has nothing to do with Pakistan and Pakistani People.
    Honda with no safety features, no options and no up gradations.
    Toyota is good only with Grande features with heavy Price, rest of the modes are pathetic.
    KIA Launched last modes with lease possible features and heavy prices.

  8. Arshad Sabri says

    I think PakWheels is playing a positive role in creating awareness amongst consumers with respect to safety and quality. However, there is still room to emphasise the importance of safety.
    I fail to understand the utility of cruise control in Pakistan especially in cities where most of the cars sold are driven. Instead there should be a strong body frame, airbags, parking sensors, reverse view cameras, TPMS which would offer more utility to consumers than the expensive features which they rarely use.
    PakWheels can play a role in creating the demand.

  9. Khizer says

    We just hope that it’s a good price then everybody will scramble to it

  10. Khizer says

    just assumption nadeem

  11. Awais Yousaf says

    Thank You Sir

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