Next in Line, KIA Car Prices Increased

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The effect of the newly passed mini-budget is coming to realization. Car companies are hiking the prices of their cars. Suzuki took the lead, followed by Toyota, Honda, and KIA. After new Suzuki pricesnew Toyota prices, and new Honda prices, we now have the new price chart of KIA cars. Here we go.

KIA Picanto Prices

Under the mini-budget, the two 1000cc KIA Picanto variants now have 2.5% FED (Federal Excise Duty). Their new prices are:

  • Picanto 1.0L M/T                                                        Rs. 2,186,000 up by Rs. 136,000
  • Picanto 1.0L A/T                                                         Rs. 2,292,000 up by Rs. 142,000

KIA Sportage Prices

The three KIA Sportage variants now have 5% FED on them, and their new prices are:

  • Sportage Alpha                                                            Rs. 4,764,000 up by Rs. 114,000
  • Sportage FWD                                                             Rs. 5,276,000 up by Rs. 126,000
  • Sportage AWD                                                             Rs. 5,788,000 up by Rs. 138,000

KIA Stonic Prices

The two KIA Stonic variants also have 5% FED, and their new prices are:

  • Stonic EX                                                                       Rs. 3,975,000 up by Rs. 90,000
  • Stonic EX+                                                                    Rs. 3,750,000 up by Rs. 95,000

KIA Sorento Prices

By rule of thumb, FED on KIA Sorento also increased to 10%. But the company has not revised the prices of Sorento. In fact, KIA will keep the limited time offer on Sorento and try to sell the car at a discounted rate of Rs. 7,499,000 (for both variants).

And there we go with the new KIA car prices under the FED revisions. The prices are in effect from the 16th of January, 2022.

New KIA Car Prices

After Suzuki, Toyota, and Honda, KIA is also in the clear, we’re now waiting for Changan and Proton to drop their new car prices. We’ll update you as soon as we get the news. Stay tuned to find out! Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the KIA car prices in the comments.

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  1. Waqas says

    This is nice for the Sorento to decrease the price.

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