NHA has launched a mobile app to facilitate commuters

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National Highway Authority (NHA) has launched a mobile application with a vision to facilitate commuters and ensure transparency in the execution of its ongoing projects.

The mobile application launching ceremony was held at NHA offices in Islamabad, where State Minister for Communications Murad Saeed officially introduced the application. Chairman NHA Jawad Bashir Malik was also present at the launching ceremony accompanied by senior officials of NHA. While speaking at the launch ceremony, he said that the introduction of this mobile application is a huge step towards facilitating the commuters and implementing the right to information in its true spirit. This would help the National Highway Authority to ensure transparency in the execution of its ongoing and beginning new mega projects in the future. Speaking about the PTI’s government 100-day agenda, he said that they had set their targets with a 70-day deadline and as a result of great teamwork of the department’s officials’ they have achieved almost all the targets. Introducing this mobile application for the commuters was also a significant part of the 70-day plan that has been achieved successfully.

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The NHA mobile application has been developed by the Management Information System (MIS) which can currently be downloaded by the Android users at the Play Store with a title NHA-IS however, the application will be officially available for the iOS users from 27th
November. The NHA Chairman Jawad Bashir Malik, at the launch ceremony, highlighted the key features of their mobile application that will facilitate the commuters to a great extent. The key features of this application are given below:

1. It allows the commuters to plan their journey through the Journey Planning and Interactive Maps feature, where all the available routes for a particular location can be accessed easily.

2. It provides the details of all the toll rates on Motorways and National Highways separately, in accordance with the vehicle category and opted route to travel.

3. It provides an access to the details of all the region-based projects and fiscal status of the ongoing and completed projects.

4. By clicking on any particular project icon, you can see the title of ongoing projects, details of the contract awarded companies, physical and financial progress of the project.

5. All the road safety guidelines and emergency telephone numbers can be accessed with the mobile application in a single click.
6. The type of violation of traffic rules and their respective fine amount can be easily checked and verified through this mobile application.

The State Minister for Communications also awarded appreciation certificates amongst the developers of this mobile application towards the later part of the launch ceremony. NHA occupies more than 12000 km of the road network of Pakistan with more than 39 National Highways and Motorways across the country. The development of this application is aimed to connect the road users to all the relevant information and create a constructive feedback mechanism. Moreover, it is a huge step in taking the initiative of ‘Right to Information’ to a whole new level. The general public will be able to monitor and access the progress and information of the ongoing projects respectively. To all those commuting from one point to another, it’s a great way to plan your trip by selecting the best available route. This step from the government shall be applauded that brings a whole new wave of transparency in its working mechanism.

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