Islamabad Police in action against bike lifters

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Islamabad police has recovered nine stolen vehicles in different planned actions in various parts of the capital.

As per the details revealed by a media outlet, the police is pursuing bike snatchers viciously and in two different raids it recovered seven and two bikes respectively and arrested 8 bike lifters in the process as well. These actions have accelerated after SSP Islamabad Waqar-Ud-Din directed all the officers to launch harsh crackdown against criminals.

Police officers should go after such criminal elements to clamp down on crimes and ensure the safety of the public. Performance of the officers will be reviewed after equal interval of times, he added.

Anti-car lifting cell Islamabad has also recovered 132 cars worth PKR 115.6 million in the current year and also recovered 136 motorbikes which are worth Rs 7.7 million. In the whole process police arrested over 200 vehicle lifters as well.

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Apart from Islamabad police, Gujranwala Police has also arrested four bike lifters from the city and recovered as much as 25 bikes. The names of the bike lifters which the police arrested are Imran, Zulfiqar, Rizwan, and Riaz. Higher police officials have lauded the performance of their subordinates for taking stern measures to ensure the safety of the public.

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