Orange Line Metro Train Project delayed again

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Lahore’s Orange Line Metro Train project, initiated by former CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif, has been delayed once again and won’t be running till March next year due to insufficient fundings, reported by a local media outlet.

The mega project was destined to be completed in 2017, however, got into a legal spat with Lahore High Court and its construction on various places halted. And after getting a green signal from Supreme Court of Pakistan, the construction once again began, and the officials announced the new date, which was March 2018, for the train to start its operations. But, once again the project is delayed till next year March 2019 due to no issuance of funds from the Caretaker Govt.

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Orange line Metro Train project is aimed at giving fast mobility to the people of Lahore and to lessen traffic load on the roads.


The train will run on electricity and can house 1,000 people at one go. It will serve up to 250,000 people each day. However, its capacity will be increased up to 500,000 per day by 2025. Furthermore, the route is divided into two parts; one is the elevated part which is 25.4 Km, and the other is the underground section, which is 1.7 Km long.

Lahore Orange Line train will be passing through these stops.

  • Ali Town
  • Thokar Niaz BaigCanal View
  • Canal View Hanjarwal
  • Hanjarwal Wahdat Road
  • Wahdat Road Awan Town
  • Awan Town Sabzazar
  • Sabzazar Shahnoor
  • Shahnoor Salahuddin Road
  • Salahuddin RoadBund Road
  • Bund Road Samanabad
  • Samanabad Gulshan-e-Ravi
  • Gulshan-e-Ravi Chauburji
  • Chauburji Lake Road
  • Lake Road GPO
  • GPO Lakshami
  • Lakshami Railway Station
  • Railway Station Sultanpura
  • Sultanpura
  • UET
  • Baghbanpura
  • Shalimar Garden
  • Pakistan Mint
  • Mahmood Booti
  • Islam Park
  • Salamat Pura
  • Dera Gujran

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