Pak Suzuki jacks up the prices of its motorbikes

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The trend of rising prices of the automobile products continues as Pak Suzuki has now hiked the prices of its motorbikes as well with effect from 1st July 2019.

The automobile sector is suffering some serious blows not only in terms of rising prices of cars and motorbikes but the reduced demand in the market as well. Consequently, various auto manufacturers are forced to scale down their production levels. As for now, Pak Suzuki has revised the prices of its different models of motorbikes. The company raised the price of its entry-level GD110S by Rs.3000, which now costs Rs.166,000. According to the circular issued by the motorbike manufacturer, the rate of its GS150 is revised by Rs.5000. The new price of GS150 is Rs.175,000 as compared to the old price of Rs.170,000. Moreover, the special edition of GS150 also become costlier by Rs.3000 to Rs.191,000. The price of GR150 is also hiked by Rs.5000, which will now be available in the market at Rs.259,000. However, the company hasn’t brought about any change in the prices of its high-end Gixxer variants, which is undoubtedly good news for motorbike enthusiasts. The Moto GP edition of Gixxer is priced at Rs.549,000 whereas the standard version comes at a price tag of Rs.539,000 in the local market. The updated price table is given below:

The raw material used in the manufacturing of local parts is imported from other countries, which mean the devaluation of rupee against the US dollar directly impacts the manufacturing cost. The value of Pakistani rupee has dropped considerably in the recent past and continuing the nosedive to a record level. As a result, companies are forced to increase the prices of their products regularly. However, the rate of increase in the prices is not in line with the rate of rupee devaluation. This is where the government needs to regulate the whole process by keeping a check on these price revisions because the imported material used in manufacturing don’t contribute to the entire unit. In the current circumstances of economic slowdown, the buying power of consumers is reducing substantially, thus forcing the people to move to motorbikes for commuting from one point to another.

Currently, the government is also looking to shift to electric motorbikes, which will reduce the prices to half if produced in large volumes. With less number of parts used in manufacturing, the maintenance cost also tends to decrease. Let’s hope the government succeeds in its vision of converting to electric vehicles. Drop your thoughts in the comments section below. Stay with PakWheels for more updates.

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