Pak Suzuki Slashes Suzuki Wagon R Price in Pakistan

Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited (PSMCL) has decreased the prices of Suzuki Wagon R by Rs. 50,000-90,000 depending on the trim.

Previously, the price of Wagon R was Rs. 899,000 for the VX trim, Rs. 1,049,000 for the VXR trim and Rs. 1,089,000 for the VXL trim. After the price cut, the new prices of Wagon R are Rs.849,000, Rs. 959,000 and Rs. 999,000 for VX, VXR and VXL respectively. The price cut would give instant saving of Rs. 50,000 on the VX and Rs. 90,000 on both VXR and VXL.

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The announcement came at a time when the Pakistani consumers were busy celebrating the new year, but do not confuse the price cut with a new year’s present from Pak Suzuki as the credit for the current price decrease partially goes to Pak Rupee appreciation against Japanese Yen in the international market and partially to the sluggish sales and poor reception of the Wagon R in the Pakistani market.

Pak Suzuki introduced the Wagon R with high hopes to replace their all time bestseller Suzuki Alto (now discontinued) but the Wagon R did not perform well in the market due to its unconventional (read ugly) shape, abnormally high prices and increased competition from new local cars such as FAW V2 and a plethora of imported used cars.

Not only that, but to lure more customers, Pak Suzuki is now offering uniform prices nationwide inclusive of freight and other charges, which means you can now buy a car from Suzuki at the same price in any city across Pakistan.

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Fahad Ullah

I build products and review cars for PakWheels. I am also famous for typing more words than anyone wants to read.

  • Awais Raxa

    why now ? when i have paid more money for that :/

  • Farhan

    It has not to do with Japanese Yen depriciation as the CKD is not imported from Japan. It comes from Indonesia and transactions are in US$.

  • kamran usman

    Good news for the consumers and smart move by PakSuzuki.

  • kh

    I think the price is still very high for this car as it is crap, unconventional shape and uncomfortable drive…

  • Ali

    Is it worth buying this car? Its drive is same as mehran?

  • Anis Khan

    Pakistan Auto Industries has to learnAt some point that consumer demand more for the monney they pay , cars with 20 or 30 old technology will not last for long . think of it ..what do you get for this price in this car ? and if you pay this price for important one what do you get ?

  • aliqadri

    Price is still high – should come down further 10% on each model. secondly there’s no need for 1000cc on 145 profile sized tyres with 1455mm width – looks like ‘saban dani’ instead of a good car – cultus 1500mm width was too good rear seating experience. further to add, Why Japanese Yen is only effecting the price of Wagon R ……. Why other car prices aren’t changed???


    looks like ‘saban dani’


    VXR main auto gear b hai ?or options main kya kuch hai ??

  • Atif

    I dont understand why we Pakistani buyers are so thick. Wagon R is a much better option than the old Cultus with more than a decade old chassis design, horrible brakes, no central locking, poorer fuel economy owing to the older model engine and list goes on. The newer model cultus with chinese looking cheap backlights looks uglier compared to the older models from mid 2000s.

    At the time of the launch I thought VXL could really use the ABS brakes for 1,089,000 price tag. There should also been a model with an automatic transmission. But now at this price 999,000 which is Rs. 35000 less than a stupid old Cultus. Wagon R VXL is a great bargain.

    I was going through the stats and was shocked to find out that people were still buying the Cultus even after the launch of Wagon R. During the 6 months period of july 2014 to Nov 2014, 5425 Cultus were sold compared to only 1500 Wagon R units. It makes no sense. Wagon R is a better car than Cultus in every way and now its cheaper than then Cultus.

    If I was a new car buyer with 10 lacs budget, I would buy the VXL in a heart beat.

    This is what Wagon R has that cultus does not.

    Power Steering
    Power Windows front
    Newer model K series Engine more powerful compared to Cultus
    Powerful Torque figures at lower RPMs *important
    Modern Chassis and better suspension
    Immobilizer *very very important
    Keyless entry / Central locking
    Avg fuel eco of 14-15 with AC in Lahore city and upto 20 on Motorway

    Automobile companies need better marketing teams. People need to be educated about the products they launch. We Pakistanis follow “Bhair chaal” pattern in every aspect of our lives. We rarely use our own analytical skills and usually just do what everyone else is doing.

    If Wagon R fails, it would be a huge setback to both the consumers and the automobile industry. We really really need newer models in small cars segment from all the companies. We need to get rid of these decade old models like Mehran, Cultus, Bolan etc.

  • Awais Raxa

    yes, i would say its better than cultus..
    more powerful ac,and much more appealing than cultus

  • Umar Sheraz

    I think it is a good move by pak suzuki but still they could also have provided ABS and reduce cost by 50k and that would be a much better strategy

    People should now move on to wagonr instead of cultus as it is feature less and horrible brakes and i am also thinking to sale out my cultus and buy a wagonr

  • kh

    With due respect, you have compared Wagon R with Cultus. However we can not compare cultus with wagon R as Cultus is very old version of machinery and design. It would be much better if you compare Wagon R with Japanese imported Cars both in price and quality. Then you will automatically vote for Japanese Cars. I dont know why Big Three in Pakistan do not bring small beautiful economical and comfortable cars to Pakistan such as recently revealed Alto in Japan Etc

  • sa

    Bro , You are surely right about JDM but one drawback is that Japanese cars have very expensive auto parts as compared to domestically assembled wagonr/cultus.. And also, no CNG option is left there…

  • haroon

    Bcz wagon r hv 5000 parts.only 200 r locally manufacturing

  • haroon

    U r nt right bro wagon r drive is more comfortable than cultus

  • haroon

    Mch mch better than mehran and cultus

  • haroon

    Go to pak suzuki website will find aal ir desires

  • aliqadri

    I agree with your point of view – but do you think this will improve “sale” volume of wagon R ?

    Market is competitive and People get much better Japanese alternative of Wagon R in same or less price. with All Imported Parts …

  • Saqib Sabih

    Still 2 lakh expensive.

  • Ahmad Javed

    I have seen on roads WagonR VXL K-series it has some difference than normal vxl
    please Tell me wether the prices of both the editions are same
    and is It Available in Pakistan

  • Rizwan

    Agree, its price should be around 7.5lakhs

  • Ibrahim Shah

    Can i install ABS in my suzuki WagonR VXL?