Pakistan to Witness The Launch of 4 Sedans in 2017

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It seems as if the shadows are dissipating from the automotive market of Pakistan, where the country’s second hand market is flourishing, the existing automakers are putting in extra funds and resources to maintain their market share in Pakistan, as improving economic conditions are attracting other investors in automotive market and others. So far, IMC has introduced Revo and Fortuner, likewise Pak-Suzuki has introduced Vitara; the fact however remains that the Pakistanis are going to see a lot of new developments and car launches. Following are 4 cars that you need to watch out this year.

1: Suzuki Ciaz:

Yes, ladies and gentleman, it’s about time that Pakistan receives a much-needed option in its redundant entry-level sedan market. Suzuki Ciaz is expected to be priced competitively and will be launching in the first quarter of 2017.

2: Audi A5 Sports back:

The coupe cum sedan cum coupe is being described as the trimmed down Audi A7. This car is aimed to cater the medium-higher end German sedan consumers. Audi Pakistan will be announcing its tariff in the first quarter of 2017.

3: FAW B50:

Al-Haj FAW extended its base of operations to the wide majority of Pakistani consumers, when the company introduced FAW V2; a car which was approached with caution by many Pakistanis but with the time, local consumers have started to appreciate it in a more positive light. The company is planning to diversify country’s sedan market by introducing a new car and is likely to introduce FAW B50 in the third-fourth quarter of 2017.


4: Toyota Corolla Facelift

The launch of Toyota’s flagship vehicle: Toyota Corolla by IMC in Pakistan is long overdue. The Corolla range is primarily aimed to offer multiple products in the sedan category for the Pakistani consumers. IMC is likely to introduce its tariff in the last quarter of 2017.

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  1. Captain Faraz says

    FAW might be a good addition if the price remains reasonable i.e upto 1.2 million. Toyota can lift the face only as model would be changed after 10 yrs from now on ?. Suzuki …. just keep on trying …. may be luck meets u somewhere down the line…..Audi …. just superb ?

  2. Uzair says

    Check Honda’s Pakistan Website. There is a huge “Are you Ready?”

    Maybe we will be expecting something from Honda too.

  3. Ali Hafeez Azmat says

    Honda City update is long overdue. And then again there is space in the hatchback category

  4. Geekpk says

    Honda is launching BRV.

  5. Abdul Muqeet Khan says

    even at 1.5 i might be a willing buyer.

  6. Car Point Network says

    Besturn B-50 is looking More Sportier from front. Being Chinese , it may be lowest in price of all above cars told here…

  7. Car Point Network says

    In China , price of B-50 1600cc (automatic) is 1 lacs 4 thousand 800 Yuans ( 16 lacs pkr). having cruise control , crash sensors , radar system and parking camera.

  8. Industrialist says

    China is gaining traction in Pakistan , China-China-China

  9. Usman says

    Why the hell no body looking in hatchback category. Not everyone can afford these overpriced sedans.

  10. Guest says

    It is unreasonable to expect FAW to be @ 1.2 mn. The V2 is already at 10.69 lakhs, some distance is necessary otherwise B50 would cannibalize the sales of V2.

  11. Ed says

    Its the BRV. The ugliest car Honda has ever made!

  12. Shen Pingzhi says

    before the conponents localize, the prize of FAW B50 could not cheap as in China.

  13. Khurram says

    Superb for you may be, because you could afford to throw 6 to 7 million as initial cost while, another .5 million per year on maintenance. Toyota is reliable and cheaper to maintain as your superb on money Audi.

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