Petrol and High Speed Diesel Prices Increased

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In a Press Conference on Sunday the Government has announced plans to increase the prices of 92 RON and High Speed Diesel by Rs 1.77 per liter and HSD by Rs 2 per liter, respectively. This new price will take effect from 16th January, 2017 and will be effective till January 31st. Finance Minister Ishaq Dar announced that the rise in the petrol prices falls directly inline with the price suggested by Ogra. He further elaborated that High Speed Diesel’s price is almost half of the recommended increase.
The prices of Kerosene Oil and Light Diesel Oil would remain unchanged.

Revised Prices w.e.f. 16th January 2017

Petrol = PKR 68.35 per liter
Diesel = PKR 77.22 per liter
Kerosene Oil = PKR 43.25 per liter
Light Diesel Oil = PKR 43.35 per liter

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  1. GuestPaki says

    No change in crude price so why the heck are they continuously increasing price of Petrol?

    Perhaps Mr. Ishaq Dollar should lower unfair taxes first before increasing the price.

  2. GuestPaki says

    Oil down on output cut doubts, expected U.S. production rise
    Lannatt on Pakistan corrupt government. Check the above news.

  3. A H S I N says

    what abt hobc? any increase?

  4. Guest says

    HOBC has been deregulated. Hence the oil marketing companies are free to list their own prices.

  5. A H S I N says

    Today I passed by a shell station, the price of hobc remains unchanged in Sialkot I. E Rs 85.90/ltr.

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