Traffic Signs: A simple guide to understand road signs

Around the globe, traffic signs are placed on roadsides to aware and provide information to the people who are travelling through roads. In Pakistan, road signs are based on British road sign system. It’s mandatory to pass the road sign test before getting a driver’s license, that’s why it is essential to know all the traffic signs, their symbols and what they represent and mean. Not following the traffic rules will get you in a lot of trouble. So, to avoid getting into trouble and awkwardness, learn about the traffic rules hurriedly.

The traffic signs are categorised as listed below:

  • Mandatory traffic signs
  • Informatory road symbols
  • Warning road signs
  • Hazardous traffic symbols
  • Constructions road signs
  • Highway traffic rules

Before venturing further into the details of these traffic signs, it is important to mention here that these signs were made to accommodate the commuter and to control the traffic flow and lessen road accidents, which lead to critical injuries and death. Avoiding or neglecting these traffic signs will not only get you in trouble but will also create a nuisance for others.

So what first-off what are mandatory signs?

  • Mandatory road signs

Mandatory road signs are an order, which everyone has to follow no matter what. Like for example no entry for motorbikes– it means bikes cannot enter this road if otherwise, he/she will be dealt with according to the law. The signs are normally placed in a circle shape or opposite triangle shape.


  • Informatory road signs

Informatory road signs consist of information such as there is a hospital ahead, these signs also include help and direction.


  • Warning road signs

Warning road signs, as the name suggests are placed to warn the commuter about a situation such as sharp curve ahead or steep ascent, dangerous descent, slippery roads, road dips etc. coming your way.



  • Construction road symbols

Construction road symbols are sub-type information road signs. They are generally in yellow such as work in progress, sorry for the inconvenience, roadworks 1 KM ahead, end of roadworks and any temporary restrictions, temporary lane closure etc. The purpose of these roadside traffic signs is to reduce the speed of the vehicle and to alert the driver to be careful while driving.


  • Highway traffic rules/symbols

These symbols are typically in blue, displayed all over the highway to provide information to the people travelling from there.

lahore left

no turn left

  • Hazardous traffic symbols

Hazardous traffic symbols are another type of information signs, which warns about explosive materials so that the commuter keeps its distance. Examples are as follow, Spontaneously combustible, Radioactive, Organic peroxide, Corrosive etc.


These were the types in which the signs or symbols are categorised.

People in Pakistan usually don’t know about what a particular road sign or safety sign means or if someone knows they don’t bother to follow it, which is a dangerous trend. We are writing this blog to aware people about different roadside traffic signs and their meaning in a bid to educate them and to motivate them to follow these rules. Messages or information displayed on Pakistani road signs are in Urdu and English. In some provinces, signs have local, provincial languages on them.

Below is the list of traffic signs/symbols and their meaning, check the images.


The upper image consists of mandatory traffic symbols and signs.

Warning Signs

The picture shown above contains construction, warning and information traffic signs.

Information Road Sign

The above-shown image comprises of Highway roadside traffic signs.



This specific picture contains Hazardous and Warning signs.

Hope, this will help you people understand the road signs. Until next time, stay tuned to

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