Pakistani Toyota Corolla Becomes The Highest Selling Corolla Of Asia

The Pakistani Toyota Corolla variant has become the highest selling variant of Toyota Corolla in the Asia Pacific region, making Pakistan the 5th largest producer of Toyota Corolla cars in the world.

“The journey to self-reliant Pakistan started in 1989 with 500 employees and a paid up capital of Rs 1.3 billion. The first locally manufactured Corolla was introduced in March 1993,” told an official of Indus Motors in a press briefing to the journalists. It is worth mentioning that recently, Indus Motor Company celebrated its 25th year anniversary.

“In the early years, demand remained flat at around 50,000 cars per year. Post 2003, demand grew rapidly, spurred by auto finance availability but the demand collapsed in 2008 due to political uncertainty and financial crisis,” he further added.

According to the official, Toyota Indus produces 200 cars per day by using 1400 parts which are delivered every 4 hours on the Just in Time (JIT) inventory system constituting over 100 truck loads of supplies. There are more than 1,000 transactions done on the daily basis between Indus Motors and its vendors.

It is an impressive news considering how stagnant the automotive industry has become. After 25 years in the country, Toyota Indus is finally on the right tracks.

Fahad Ullah

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  • waqas

    is this corolla is 100 % locally manufactured ??

  • Raja Bilal

    and Just in time inventory system… 🙂 everybody’s corolla / altis is getting delayed and they take pride…If they want to take credit for their achievements they should also be penalized for their delays….last but not the least can Toyota give me an answer to the question that while the world is getting Altis 1.6 with CVTi transmission what was the motivation behind introducing the Pakistan variant with Supet ECT. Don’t we deserve what the world deserves…

  • aliqadri

    ” finally on the right tracks” in which aspect ? / making teen-dabba with builtin engine & default tyres???

  • JIT has nothing to do with production delays. It is an inventory management technique whereas the manufacturer does not stock up inventories for days rather they order it on daily basis from the vendors. It help reduce the inventory holding cost.

  • Nope. No country can ever achieve 100% localisation. You can read more about why here:

  • Rahatullah Mallick

    Its all fine with the way they started but its about time they concentrate on the quality as well, nobody likes to purchase a second hand “reconditioned” car but the sad fact is that my 2001 vitz feels better made than my 2011 GLi

  • Nawaz Shareef

    Do we export this corolla also? If not then Pakistani corolla Pakistan main he bikay ge Bangladesh ya China main tou nahe.
    Very strange title if same variant is assembled in India then they can also proclaim Indian corolla highest market share in Asia 😉

  • Sarfaraz Abbasi

    Where is the source for this?

  • Usman Khawaja

    Why doesn’t TOYOTA increase its assembly line quality and material quality ? Pathetic material and day by day material getting poor and poor. such low people with dumb minds are running this company. Why don’t anyone take bold steps to vanish this concepts from customer’s mind about Toyota poor quality assembly.? Toyota screaming over JDM cars and other japnese imported cars. Don’t they know JDM cars offer us high end quality vehicles..?

  • Abbas Khan

    I’d say the people buying their cr** are dumb. The guys making and selling 3rd class vehicles compared to international models at almost double the prices are the smart ones 🙂

  • Fawad Ullah Jan

    Hi , Kindly inform me positively that either which one manual or automatic transmission car is excellent in fuel consumption , efficiency , speed & in brakes etc.

  • ysk

    still biggest problem is Corolla Car theft frequency instead of anything else

  • allah bux

    Are they exporting corolla to other countries which is big NO. What about the quality of material used in pakistani corolla :(, Highest sale in 1.3 variant 2NZ-FE which is engine for yaris/belta around the world only used in pakistan for corolla (so no competition). But we still come to fifth position very STRANGE

  • Adnan Marwat

    I wasn’t expecting DBMS, Just in Time (JIT) inventory system and logistics management system eulogization, when i read the article title. Instead i was expecting “Toyota Indus” being commended for their state of the art specs offered as standard feature in their vehicles and for their ingenuity in automotive industry of the contemporary world.

  • I would simply say drive a new corolla manufactured in japan and US and the ROLLA in Pakistan & trar will roll from your eyes how Indus Motor has fleeced your hard earned mony.
    Thats all i can say………………………………….

  • mushtaque

    Lolz…. I know now you guys are getting hefty money from them. Earlier your team was totally against local industry and now u-turn.

  • Mushtaque

    Are you a moderator for Toyota Indus?

  • I would take your comment more seriously if you can prove anything as such. When we report a bad thing about Toyota, trolls like you come and say we take money from Honda to bash Toyota. When we report good thing about Toyota, trolls like you come and say we take money from Toyota.

    People like you only come online to vent out your frustrations that you face in your life. It’s really not your fault.

  • Did you even care to read the article I linked in the comment? I am pretty sure you haven’t. Please read it before making assumptions.

  • Godzilla

    Read again. It says “5th largest producer”. Is it that hard to grasp? There’s no mention of quality or anything relating to that.

  • mushtaque

    of course you do 🙂 and this is a reality.

  • mushtaque

    don’t deny the fact, you guys get money from them.

  • And I am Batman.

  • We are also going to Mars to setup a PakWheels office there.

  • Ammad Malik

    I think you mean 5000 cars, not 50,000.
    “In the early years, demand remained flat at around 50,000 cars per year.”


  • Muhammad Zohaib Khan

    Well admin, everyone might not be wealthy like you. We live in a country where even 50k-1lac can make even a big difference to us. Why are they selling Xli????