Toyota Indus To Replace Faulty Jacks Of Select 2014 Toyota Corolla Vehicles

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Pakistani automakers are not very popular when it comes to serving their customers, but it seems that one automaker is quite serious about changing that perception.

In Accordance with the international safety standards, Indus Motor Company (IMC) issued a Special Service Campaign in national newspapers on Friday for the latest model of Toyota Corolla. According to the notice, a certain batch of Toyota Corolla vehicles were shipped with faulty jacks and the faulty jacks are likely to malfunction when under the load of vehicle. The vehicles bearing the following chassis numbers are affected by this problem:

  1. Toyota Corolla XLi/GLi purchased from August 2014 onward bearing chassis numbers from NZE170R-4000010 to NZE170R-4019194
  2. Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 purchased from October 2014 bearing chassis numbers from ZRE171R-6000003 to ZRE171R-6001370
  3. Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8 and Altis Grande  purchased from July 2014 bearing chassis numbers from ZRE172R-7000006 to ZRE172R-7005570

Toyota Indus recommends customers, with above mentioned vehicles, to contact their nearest authorized dealers and have their cars’ jacks replaced. All the affected customers are entitled for a free car wash from the authorized dealers during their visit to have the jack replaced.

I think it is a good gesture from Toyota that they are finally looking out for their customers as according to NHTSA, a faulty jack is a serious safety hazard.

So if your vehicle is affected by this issue, you should immediately book an appointment with your nearest Toyota Dealership.

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Clipping from a local national newspaper
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  1. Nauman says

    Yep my glis chasis number is within that range so im going to go get my cars jack replaced. I really appreciate this move by toyota also they’re setting an example for others. This shows care (more or less) for theur customers and shows that they are “learning” (finally) >.>

  2. Ahmad Saeed says

    V. Good initiative by Indus Motors.

  3. Dani says

    Not to a fan of Toyota but still a good initiative by IMC

  4. Adnan Khan says

    Whoa!! UNBELIEVABLE !!!!

  5. Shahid Mehmood says

    a good move but if it was happened in some developled countries, than the story would not end on just replacing the faulty jacks. The company would have to answer infront of the concerned board, that why this negligence was happened in the first place.

    anyway still a good news.

  6. zunair ameer says

    hats off to toyota from a Honda likey

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