Pakistan’s First Ever Euro 5 Standard Fuel! 

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Pakistan State Oil (PSO), being the leading oil marketing company of the country, has upgraded Pakistan’s fuel standards from Euro 2 to Euro 5.

 The company has Introduced this high-grade fuel under the name of PSO Hi-Octane 97.

Official Launch of Euro 5: 

Although the PSO has started the sale of this fuel at different petrol pumps across the country, but it held an official ceremony for the launch of this new fuel in Islamabad. According to a statement by the OMC, PSO continues to revolutionize the industry by becoming the First OMC to upgrade Pakistan’s Fuel Standard from Euro 2 to Euro 5.

Federal Minister of Energy, Power and Petroleum, Omar Ayub Khan, attended the grand launch ceremony in Islamabad. Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Petroleum, Nadeem Babar, was also present at the event.

Euro 5 launch

Addressing the ceremony, Khan lauded PSO for introducing Euro 5 Standard Fuel in Pakistan.

 New Era: 

The statement stated that PSO has become first OMC to lead the country into an era of premium quality, environment-friendly, and high-performance fuels. Furthermore, the OMC gifted plants to the attendees to make the country greener.

According to PSO, its new Hi-Octane 97 Euro 5 improves engine performance and reduces vehicle emissions. This will help us in creating cleaner and greener Pakistan for future generations, the company stated.

The company urged everyone to join it to ‘Drive the Change’.

Euro 5 Fuel: 

The new upgraded fuel is getting a good reception from the consumers. As per users, the Euro5 enhances the performance and overall fuel average of their cars. Praising the new fuel, they said that there experience with this new fuel is excellent so far.

Currently, PSO is selling this new fuel at the petrol station, which were earlier selling Hi-Octane in almost all cities across Pakistan. The company is selling Euro5 at Rs120/liter.

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