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PakWheels is determined to bring you everything related to automobiles. In this regard, we have made a dedicated accessories page on our website where you can buy and sell accessories for your cars, SUVs, and motorcycles. This amazing feature brings all sorts of automotive accessories located in all over Pakistan in front of you on your PCs and mobile phone screens.

PakWheels Accessories

When you click on the page, you are greeted with a simple field so that you can search the item you are after and then select the city. If you are just in the mood of browsing, just click SEARCH without entering any value, and we will show you all sorts of auto parts available for sale. You can then select the category on the left of the screen.

PakWheels Accessories

PakWheels Accessories

As an example, click on Exterior and then you will see further options in the category. We will select Bumpers and Components, and you will see bumpers and body kits of all kinds of cars for sale in Pakistan. Then you can select the cities and find the exact type of bumper you are after.

You can also use price range parameters to locate the accessories in your budget.

If you are looking to sell some accessories, click on Sell button on the main accessories page and you will find a form fill in the details. Select the relevant main category and subcategory, along with your location, the description of the item and your contact details. Upload the photos and your ad will be up for thousands of potential buyers to see in no time.

PakWheels Accessories

PakWheels makes sure the auto consumers of Pakistan are in best hands. Think wheels, think PakWheels.

PakWheels Accessories PakWheels AccessoriesPakWheels Accessories

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  1. Guest says

    Pakwheels can have a business development department who job is to induct sellers of those spare parts which people really need can be sold, by the large پیٹ بھرے dealers who can be encouraged to sell on the net. Such as high quality sealants, bearing, OEM replacement parts, lubricants, standard quality axle grease, axle boots, bushings etc.

    Famous stores like Khan Motors, Umer, Alfalah, and others sitting on plaza and marriot rd can be recruited.
    Even Shershah party can be recruited.

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