PakWheels Launches First Of Its Kind Matrimonial Service

Where else can you identify a person’s true self than on a car website?

This was the motive behind PakWheels’ upcoming venture –

PakWheels is a place where people can be what they want to be. Unlike Facebook, they don’t have to strike the perfect pose to get maximum number of likes. Unlike Twitter, they don’t have to limit themselves to 140 characters. Unlike Instagram they don’t have to apply a dozen filters to be acceptable. Unlike, they don’t have to pretend to ‘know’ a high end source whose name they can’t reveal due to security reasons. Unlike 9gag they don’t have to be 13. Unlike Quora they don’t have to be 13 with the intellect of 65 years old.

Most importantly, unlike all the matrimonial websites, on PakWheels people don’t have to be extra nice, extra polite, extra well off, overly educated – they don’t have to pretend to be something they want to be.

On PakWheels, finances don’t matter. An 86 FX owner can post his restoration thread and be guided by GTR drivers and praised by G63 owners wholeheartedly. Here, a Cultus owner can flaunt his 1 liter 3 cylinder carby without being intimidated by the 200 Range LC tribe. Hell he can even call it a beast. The CL9 owners can freely project their rides and the modifications done to them without being called ‘show off’ and ‘douchebag’. Here people openly reveal their purchasing power – be it modest or lavish. They are not afraid to be labelled as ‘cheap’ when they use the phrase ‘Sorry, that’s out of my budget’.

Then there are the arguments – from discussions based on logics and facts, to ‘‘LOLOLOLOL I am laughing my backside off at your reply….you didn’t even spell carburetor correctly”. From ‘I stand corrected’ to ‘I am leaving PakWheels forever’ – tells so much about a person if he’s a reasonable gentleman or a sore loser crybaby.

Our post history on PakWheels reveals more about us than our shrink could. Why not use it to the greater good?

Hence the idea is to incorporate the current user database from along with the usage stats automatically into The only eligibility filter applied is to be the profiles older than 2 years or above 2000 posts. PakWheels login credentials will be used to log on to the PakWeddings website and a quick access icon will be provided on top right corner under your profile link.

The users eligible for PakWeddings profile will be notified via e-mail in the coming week.

So if you are older than 2 years on PakWheels or have above 2000 posts under your profile, it’s time to update your profile on the PakWheels Forums

Here are some tips to enhance your chances:

  1. Catchy Tagline – try being creative
  2. Intelligent Signature – try being philosophical
  3. Clear profile photo – try being handsome/pretty
  4. Maximum details filled in your profile – try being honest

So what are you waiting for? Happy matchmaking!

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Khurram Altaf

Master has given Khurram a pen. Khurram has got a pen and Khurram... Khurram is freee

  • Baber

    If we were to create a wireframe diagram of such a service, here’s how a user should interact with this Jazak Allah Khair platform bro.

    1. Opens
    2. Chooses a username (Username can only be the registration number of his/her vehicle)

    3. Chooses a password (LoveMyHondaAndFareeha/DingyBadshahTooButInThatOrder)
    4. Chooses Gender
    5. Chooses vehicle (Make, model, years, etc etc Tyre sizes, etc)

    6. The system puts a lot of car centric questions such as; would you spend the day detailing your car or with your lady/mister.
    7. Based on the answer of these questions, the system will show matches to them.
    8. Success!!

  • Umar

    Happy April Fool’s Day PakWheelers.

  • Heder Aziz

    Truly DISAPPOINTING, biggest chuss of the century :3 😛

  • Fazal Wahab

    and if later found that one of partner is Honda and the other Toyota lover.. we will need a divorce services as well. so its better we hurry and register a 😉

  • Khurram Altaf

    That is impossible! By our advanced AI algorithms, Toyota owners will only be matched with toyota owners. That is chapter one of PW Constitution.

  • Khurram Altaf

    Apologies for knocking you off the perch.

  • Khurram Altaf

    You do realize you revealed some classified info…

  • Baber

    There could be sectarian riots between Honda and Toyota and many, many, many years later on, finally, people would be wedded between the two sects.

  • usman1012

    april fool

  • Baber

    Chalo, dev support to officially agaya. We just need to make it happen now.

  • Ahmad Hussain


  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    find me someone 80% devil, 20% angel who isn’t afraid to have a lil grease under her finger nails. 😀