PakWheels Video Review: Toyota Corolla GLi VS Toyota Corolla XLi

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We are back with another video review. This time around, its Toyota Corolla GLi and Toyota Corolla XLi. Yes we know both are same things, but we will be talking about the features both cars have to offer. Other than that, the review explains a little about why the Corolla is preferred in Pakistan, and especially in our rural areas. Corolla is undoubtedly the most loved car in Pakistan.

Both GLi and XLi come with a same 1.3l VVTi engine. XLi only comes with a manual transmission, however you can have the GLi with an auto transmission as well. Corolla XLi is a very basic car, and it does the job its made for. On the other hand Corolla GLi has the same DNA as of XLi, but with some certain added features.

Toyota Corolla XLi VVTi is priced at PKR 1,624,000. Since Toyota Corolla GLi 1.3 VVTi is available in both auto and manual transmission options, the auto GLi is for PKR 1,824,000, whereas manual GLi is for PKR 1,749,000.

We hope that you will like our effort. You can let us know what else you would like to see in review videos in the comments section below.

Watch the review here:

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  1. PeeDroid MiNi L100 says

    We need more reviews like this :v

  2. usman niazi says

    this should have been done a year ago… there should be more video reviews… proper reviews

  3. Mohammad Juned Faruk says

    “COROLLA me sirf duaen hen!!!” :p

  4. Fawad says

    Had GLI Auto .I mean drive is not that good engine is very small with ECO mode fuel is better .I personally believe Manual GLI/XLI will be better bcas of gear ratio in hand rather than computer.

  5. Guest says

    Congrats what a great review. The only thing I got from this review is that Gli comes in Auto and Manual and has some added features over Xli. Thanks for enlightening my knowledge. Now everybody will better understand their choice when buying it. AND BY THE WAY EVERY STREET PUNK KNOWS THAT CRAP

  6. Khurram says

    An excellent review. Host has done justice to Corolla, by calling it a favourite car of the masses.

  7. M Haider Hassan says

    A very well made video and review.Keep it up.

  8. Abdullah says

    yaar the knowledge in this video can be searched online on any website…….we need technical authentic details………….gaari kai bahir camera ghuma kai review tou koi bhee banna lai aur brake tou sab ko lagana aati haii……lol

  9. Rolla Fan says

    Pakwheels at least tell us what improvement have they brought in the engine??????

  10. illiterate says

    Same old crap engine…….its a piece of junk………..poison covered in chocolate……lol

  11. Chulbul Panday says

    Only looks good………like a very beautiful lady……..character (engine) of the lady is Bad……….Indus Toyota shame on u……

  12. Frustrated.... says

    Why is Indus calling this 11th Generation Corolla……..Pakwheels should highlight to its users that no matter how famous the car is ……it has the same old engine and world over 11th generation corollas dont have this engine…….yeah the engine in XLI and GLI is of very very old age……Toyota first put VVTi engine in its cars in 1997……come on Indus……….its just like giving old wine in a new bottle……….Indus waloo aap aik illiterate aadmi ko tou bewakoof bana saktay hain lakin aik parha likha aadmi achi Fuel Economy, ABS, airbags kai baghair car kabhee naheen laita………

    Shame on Govt of Pakistan for not caring about the customers and again putting forward a totally Bakwas auto policy which favors the stupid local companies like Suzuki, Honda and Toyota…….

  13. toyota says

    please made Video Review of toyota corolla altis 1.6 2015

  14. Shiraz Maqbool says

    That brought a smile to my face too 😀

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