Calm Down People! Honda Civic Was Just Cultusified By Honda Pakistan!

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It is quite unfortunate to see Honda Atlas, Honda’s Pakistani manufacturing arm to stoop to the level of Suzuki and introduce new chrome grille and door handles like it’s a Cultus while the world is two years (entering third) in to the newest generation of Honda City and just introduced the tenth generation Honda Civic or simply, the Civic X.

But what you have here instead is a chrome grille, and chrome door handles to complete the new look full of “AtTtiTuDe” and and …Honda Fanboy’s “$wEeT AngElL” and “dAdDy’S PrinCeSs” of Honda Atlas is not a facelift or “completely redesigned” as Honda Atlas called it. Seriously, you’re gonna call the process of adding a new grille and color to door handles ‘completely redesigned’?!

civic -1

The chrome grille is pulled out from the 9th generation US spec Honda Civic facelift model which was introduced in 2013, and in Asia, it was introduced in late-March 2014 as minor updates/facelift model at the Bangkok Auto Show in Thailand. The chrome door handles are just a change of color but they were minor changes introduced to the Asian version of the updated/refreshed Civic nonetheless.

Other changes that Thai Civic received can be seen here, but ours seems more close to the minor updates Malaysian Civic received:


However, Malaysian Civic also received a lot of other updates, such as interior trim update, keyless Smart Entry with push start button, cruise control and auto headlamps, and all of that was available at a reduced price, which was the best part of that ‘minor update’.

For the first time ever, Honda Atlas released sales and production figures for the first quarter for financial year 2015-16 not separately for both their cars (Civic and City) rather together because the figures were so small that they didn’t even look like a rival to Toyota.

The Malaysians were at least smart to showcase the chrome door handles and the grille on a darker color instead showing silver on silver. This “AtTiTuDe” filled update is nothing but just a shiny grille and door handles, that you yourself can buy from Plaza, for a car that is breathing its last breath.

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  1. Umer Fayyaz says

    nicely put!

  2. Shurjil Butt says

    As I always say .. every major department including car industry of our Pakland is FUBAR !!!

  3. Ahmed says

    Honda is now totally uncool, gone are are days when we used to envy them.

  4. Yasir says

    Welcome to Pakistan’s new Paksuzuki 😀

  5. Sherwan Sohail says

    To expect, from a totalitarian oligopoly in bed with the government is a sin on its own behalf.

  6. Shahab Nasir says

    I think the writer needs to calm down. What is the fuss about. They changed the grill so what? Did u lose some of those 1420 horses?

  7. Usman Ansari says

    This is the future of Pakistan Automobile industry.. to change the grill and continue to sell the “advanced technology” for decades to come! so much more for nothing more..

  8. Atif says

    Very soon we will hear in news something absurd like PakSuzuki is working on changing grill of mehran, swift, ravi and bolan within the next 2 years. Government of Pakistan, Engineering Development Board, Ministries of Industries, and Japanese Embassy will appreciate this as a major milestone in automotive development in the country.

    Seem’s Honda is also taking influence from PakSuzuki and not introducing new city is one example.

    Local Japanese auto mafia is pathetic only reaping profits from Pakistan to pump money into Japanese economy. No new models because it requires new investment, and modernization.

    No safety features as well which are mandatory in other countries.

    Japanese are here to exploit, and government is facilitating them.

  9. Faheem Sarwar says

    Pity on upcoming owners of this model. impressed by advertisements, all they can pay 2.5 M approx. on a shiny grill .
    i wish some body can show it to ATLAS HONDA’s CEO that how real “Motor-Heads” reacted to this fabulous change in technology the have introduced.
    i already paid them my regards when they were advertising their 125 CC motorcycle with a slogan “Nai powerful motorcycle with bla bla bla “.. which is in-fact 99% same since last 25 years.
    things are very clear, no manufacturer gives a damn when their products are selling regardless of quality / features they are providing to consumers. if the consumers are happy with it, why should they put effort in introducing new things ?

  10. Usman says

    That’s the facelift given by Honda Thailand no need to curse atlas.

  11. Baber says

    The facelift given Honda Thailand gave is actually pretty intense. There are links in the article in which you could’ve checked them but you totally missed reading the argument.

  12. Ali Ahmed says

    Well, I agree with the author. This isn’t “completely redesigned”.

  13. Usman says

    That there was just a limited sports addition launched wearing some modulo things rest of the line up received same two things what we received here but they also got price cuts there.

  14. Ali Ahmed says

    And where’s the new generation City? I mean, come on Atlas!!

  15. Sarmad Naeem says

    this is legit! I’ve seen this facelift in a showroom here in khi…

  16. Aamir Malik says

    This facelift is a farce and will not help Honda Atlas increase sales of this model as the redesigned 2016 Civic is all over the internet. They need to bring in the new model ASAP next year in Pakistan. Also, the dashboard and interior plastic quality of the present model is pathetic and needs improvement. It is also a shame that a car in the price range of Rs.2.5 million comes with a substandard “Auto Mate’ sound system and locally made single cone speakers (rated not more than 10W). Honda Atlas should ensure that the top-of-the-line variant in the 2016 Civic is fitted with a premium sound system and speakers.

  17. Faisal R. Durrani says

    Mayb Honda Atlas is being taken over by Pak Suzuki and the their vehicle merger is in progress.

  18. zunair ameer says

    After buying five civics and one city from 2006 till date, this year i purchased corolla. Was not expecting this lame attitude from Honda.

  19. SamAbbasi says

    Honda, a car with better driving experience, much more comfortable & with way better road grip & braking. Buying a Corolla is lame. Honda with not so amazing changes is still better than Corolla. You could argue & compare Honda with other versions of Honda in other countries but you justifying it with buying a Corolla is being beyond Lame.

  20. Bassu says

    And pathetic too!

  21. Junaid Abbas says

    Look at the Toyota Corolla’s models from 2008 till 2015. And at that point I said Corolla can redesign a car that looks really f***ing cool and s**y. Look at Honda,what they did to City and Civic, a total f*** up

  22. Junaid Abbas says

    Look at the Toyota Corolla’s models from 2008 till 2015. And at that point I said Corolla can redesign a car that looks really f***ing cool and s**y. Look at Honda,what they did to City and Civic, a total f*** up. right

  23. Arfi says

    the first time i saw the hoarding on shahra e faisal. I was like .. SERIOUSLY… am i looking at a HONDA CIVIC AD? :O. What have they done to it 😀

  24. Salman says

    Oh actually this is the attitude of Honda for people of third world countries

  25. Masroor Gilani says

    The Atals knew whatever they do with this ugliest Civic in the history of Honda, it wouldn’t sell, so they just grilled it 🙂

  26. AngloSapien says

    I’d better go home and improve my English

  27. Sohail says

    This baber guy cant let go of Caltus and mehran cant he..

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