Honda Civic 2016 To Be Launched In 2017 In Europe

It’s just been a couple of weeks since Honda unveiled the brand new 2016 Civic and the response from Honda fan base has been nothing but positive, Honda really knocked it out of the park with the tenth generation Civic. Though now comes some bad news with Honda recently stating that the 2016 Honda Civic will be launched in Europe in 2017. The regular four door version will be sold in United States but in Europe, Honda is bringing Civic in its 5-door liftback iteration. The regular sedan will go on sale in United States by the end of this year but the European markets will have to wait more than a year for X Generation Honda Civic.

For the launch video of the 10th gen Honda Civic, click here. And for the photos of the event, click here. You can discuss the Honda Civic here.

Europe’s 5-door liftback version of the 2016 Honda Civic is rumored to be revealed alongside Honda’s extremely anticipated hybrid supercar, the NSX. Honda hopes both models will help meet their 200,000 annual car sales goal for Europe. If Europe is going to get the tenth generation Civic in 2017 then there is a possibility that we won’t see the 2016 Honda Civic on the roads of Pakistan till sometime in mid to late 2017 after the European launch. This might not bode well for Honda Atlas in the long run as sales of the ninth generation Honda Civic have been slowing to a crawl and Honda fans might just give up on waiting for 2016 Honda Civic and buy a Toyota Corolla instead.

Story: IAB

  • aliqadri

    Honda Civic 2016 To Be Launched In 2017 In Europe and To be Launched In 2020 In Pakistan ?

  • Abdullah

    This is a breaking news……so we would get new City before the Civic in Pakistan??????……….Honda Atlas should get itself ready for loss of market share to Toyota……Civic Pakistan mein Sep 2016 mein kabhi bhee naheen aa sakti…….

  • Atif

    Please check, not sure but they might be talking about 5-door hatch version of Civic that will be made only in the Honda UK factory and exported from there elsewhere. The Sedan version is sold way more widely and assembled in numerous countries including Pakistan, India, Thailand, Brazil, USA, UK, Canada, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, Turkey, and Japan (for export only).