Price Comparison Of 125CC Motorcycles Sold In Pakistan


Pakistani bike industry is thriving and we are seeing new entrants all the time. Yamaha launched its YBR125 and its off road iteration YBR125G not too long ago. Other than those, there are local bike manufacturers who import engines etc from other countries and then assembles the kits here in Pakistan. More than half of the local manufacturers have bikes with 125cc capacity engines. We have made a list of as many bikes as could find for the price comparison list. Please note that the prices vary city to city and sometimes include freight charges as well, depending on the brand and the dealership. So there might be a difference of couple of thousand rupees in the prices of some motorcycles, depending on where you live and the time. Also, although Ravi Piaggio has been discontinued, we have mention price of its 125cc motorcycle just for the information of our readers.

If you don’t see a particular brand of a 125cc motorcycle, please mention the brand of the bike and its price in the comments section below, for other readers and potential buyers.

Prices of 125CC Motorbikes

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  • Javed Khan

    Honda Atlas truly ripping one off from the consumer for the basic 125 model. I hope more and more manufacturers adopt the new technology standards and ditch this outdated 70 year old model.

  • Jawad

    Who says its old? They launch it with a new ‘sticker’ every year 🙂