Suzuki Inazuma Aegis Is Specially Designed For The Pakistani Security Forces

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Pak Suzuki has launched its “Suzuki Inazuma Aegis” bike, specially designed for the use of security forces around the country. We already had the Suzuki Inazuma which is priced at incredible Rs. 725,000/-. Suzuki Inazuma Aegis is a locally assembled iteration of the original Inazuma, which is a 250CC street bike.

The aim was to make it safer, comfortable and more equipped for the security personnel. Pak Suzuki has upgraded the brakes of the original Inazuma and have installed different road tires.

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The Suzuki Inazuma Aegis was launched on the 20th of September, 2015. The launch ceremony was held in Karachi and was attended by honorable Hiroshi Inomata, the Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan. With the ambassador, State Minister Frontier Baligur Rahman was also present at the ceremony.

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  1. Shiraz Maqbool says

    A few boxes, tires and brake pads, do not a new bike make;
    The Inazuma Aegis they call it, but security agencies – will you one take?

    I’m waxing lyrical here, people.

  2. AsimJ says

    lyrical you did good 🙂

  3. abdul qadir says

    a nice bike to ride.

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