Petrol Shortage in Lahore Continues

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LAHORE: The administration of Punjab failed once again when it could not sort our the prevailing fuel shortage which has caused serious nuisance to the residents of Lahore and surrounding areas.  

According to various sources, the fuel shortage started after a sharp decrease in fuel prices. Keep in mind that due to winters, CNG has been closed for 4 months in the province.

Fog in Punjab is also attributed to the problem as trucks carrying fuel face difficulty reaching their destinations on time, resulting in a demand-supply gap.

Majority of fuel stations are closed in the city, while the ones which are open, have long queues spanning several kilometers. The fuel shortage has really upset the routines of the people of Lahore who have to spend their workdays standing in long lines to get fuel. The situation is like that for the last two days in the city.

Khawaja Asif, the Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources said it would take another 5 days for the shortage of petrol in Lahore and rest of the province to improve.

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  1. Sandtiger says

    This is a matter of shame for administration and more you will think about it the more you are going to call
    them shameful. How on earth, once petrol is surplus and they are running short on supply. No amount of excuse, no amount of pardon which makes economy suffer just because people could not go to work cannot be justified. Pakistan needs an amendment in constitution such that once these sorts of emergencies occur then Supreme Court automatically intervenes for an inquiry with powers such as to even dismiss the standing prime minister and entire chain.

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